How To Hang Large Artwork

Article Posted By: Home Depot Staff

Hanging large artwork or photography in a space can add lots of personality and visual impact.  With the right hardware, it’s easier than you think.

How To Hang Large Artwork



Step 1: Mark Artwork Placement

How To Hang Picture - Mark placement

Once you determine placement, make a very light pencil line at the top edge of the frame. This can also be done with painter’s tape. Also note the center of the artwork. Use a ladder to mark the spot if needed.   

NOTE: Avoid hanging art or photography too high. Eye-level is usually best.

Step 2: Measure for Hardware

How To Hang Picture - Measure hardware

On the back side of the artwork, measure the distance between the top edge of the frame and the hanging hardware. If you’re dealing with a hanging wire, pull it tight to get this measurement.

Step 3: Install Hanger

How To Hang Picture - Install hanger

From the pencil line on the wall, drop down and make another mark—this is where the hanger will go. With a hammer, tap in your hardware. These hangers come in different sizes with a variety of weight ratings, up to 100 lbs.  Always check that you have the right type of hanger for your particular wall type and opt for a higher weight rating than you think you need for an extra level of safety.

Step 4: Add Artwork

Once the hanger is installed, place your artwork carefully being sure it is appropriately centered on the hanger. You may also want to use a level to check whether it is hanging straight. If not, you may need to adjust the piece to the left or right to bring it into balance.