Halloween Party Decorations (and a Quick Patio Makeover)

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There’s no point putting up decorations for a Halloween party, if the party space needs some help. That was the situation faced by Katie Stahl of  View From the Fridge. We sent her a mystery box of Home Depot Halloween decorations for our Halloween Style Challenge and asked her to use those for some new Halloween party decorating ideas.

She thought her patio wasn’t in shape to host a party, though.

So Katie launched a quick weekend patio makeover. She even designed some of her Halloween decorations to cover a few of the flaws she couldn’t fix just yet. And, of course, it turned out great!

Halloween Party Decorating Ideas

I love fall. I love Halloween. And I love parties. So this year, I thought we’d throw a little dinner party of our own… al fresco!  But, an outdoor Halloween Dinner Party … in our backyard?!?


Now … that wasn’t a gasp because of the spooky setting or costumes involved in the occasion. That was a gasp because our outdoor space for entertaining was a bit … um, well … horrifying (and not in a good, Halloween-spirited way). OK, horrifying might have been too strong of an adjective, but the space had absolutely nothing going for it prior to its quick weekend makeover.

A Quick Patio Makeover

Take a look at the before (a place I definitely wouldn’t invite friends over to dine in).

There are some obvious problems, like the lack of a table to dine at (key for a dinner party). There are also some major aesthetic problems going on as well, including the ugly side of the shed that eventually needs residing, the giant dirt pile in the corner, the dirty patio pavers, and the random toys strewn about. And if we are going to have a festive HALLOWEEN dinner party, the space is also in need of some spooky and fun decor!

Katie Stahl Back-Patio-Halloween-Makeover-Before-PHOTO1

In one weekend, even with three small boys at foot, we were able to turn the space from terrifying in a bad way to modern, fun, functional, and festive for Halloween (with just a bit of the right kind of terrifying decor added in).

The best part? All these projects were relatively inexpensive and all DIY’able!!

Check out the space after our quick patio makeover.

Katie Stahl Back-Patio-Halloween-Makeover-After-PHOTO2

Katie Stahl Back-Patio-Halloween-Makeover-After-PHOTO3

Our Halloween party even features an animated witch serving some pre-dinner cookies. My boys call her the “creepy lady,” and she is just that … especially at night when her eyes glow and her jaw moves as she cackles and speaks.

I love setting up for parties and decorating for the holidays, so this was such a fun space to work on. I also love anything DIY, maybe to a fault sometimes, as I refuse to purchase anything that I could potentially make.

When working on the patio makeover, we wanted it to be something that could work year-round, and not just be decorated for Halloween. Therefore, most of the larger DIYs for the space are permanent changes that make the back patio more inviting and usable.

And then came the fun stuff– the little additions that made this space festive for Halloween! We kept the Halloween decor pretty simple, modern, and not-too-scary for our small boys. The creepy lady was as scary as we went (although the spiders and faux webs were plenty scary for me . #notafanofspiders).

Let’s take a look at some of the projects we completed for the space.

Katie Stahl Back-Patio-Halloween-Makeover-After-PHOTO4

For extra seating, year round, we created a sturdy bench from cinder blocks and 4 x 4’s.

Katie Stahl Back-Patio-Halloween-Makeover-After-PHOTO5

To cover up the ugly side of the shed, at least until we can re-side it next summer, we put up some DIY curtains made of drop cloths (with black spray-painted  stripes) hung on a DIY curtain rod of galvanized steel pipes and fittings.

And the focal point of the whole space (and also another way to hide the ugly shed wall), the DIY Lighted BOO Sign.

Katie Stahl Back-Patio-Halloween-Makeover-After-PHOTO6

The sign is fun during the day, but it becomes extra festive at night with the built-in lights!

The sign is a pretty easy to make. Check out my DIY lighted sign tutorial here on The Home Depot Blog. (And it doesn’t HAVE to be for Halloween. You can have the sign say anything you want.)

The Halloween Party Decorations

With the bigger DIY projects complete, it was time to set up and decorate for the Halloween party! We actually purchased a couple black and white rugs for the patio, hauled over our patio table and chairs, and began adding the Halloween party decorations!

Katie Stahl Back-Patio-Halloween-Makeover-After-PHOTO18

We used another 6 x 9 drop cloth for the table cloth.

Katie Stahl Back-Patio-Halloween-Makeover-After-PHOTO19

We set the table with some gold chargers, black and white napkins… with some creepy crawly spiders tucked in.

Katie Stahl Back-Patio-Halloween-Makeover-After-PHOTO20

Along with some faux green spider webs (that actually fit the color scheme of the space quite well, and that I MUCH prefer to real spider webs).

Katie Stahl Back-Patio-Halloween-Makeover-After-PHOTO21

We also added a couple Halloween lanterns on either side of the new bench to add ambiance to the space.

Katie Stahl Back-Patio-Halloween-Makeover-After-PHOTO22

We covered the dirt pit in the corner of the patio with two straw bales and a blanket to add some fall flair AND some extra seating if needed.

We set some fall foliage– purple and green kale– around the area and in a small pot on the table.

A few other fun fall-inspired items for the centerpieces completed the space!

Festive, fun, and perfect for fall dining al fresco!
Katie Stahl Back-Patio-Halloween-Makeover-After-PHOTO23

And that’s about it! An empty, ugly patio BEFORE, to a festive space, perfect for a Halloween party AFTER! And all in just a couple days and on a budget!

Katie Stahl and her husband, Matt, live just outside of Minneapolis with their three little boys. Katie is always looking for ways to be a more creative, healthy, and happy mom, and shares what she has learned along the way over at View From The Fridge.