Simple Halloween Decorations for the Fireplace Mantel

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Spooky Halloween decorations for the fireplace mantel

In our Style Challenge series, we ask some of our favorite bloggers from around the web to surprise us with their ideas for creating a stylish and functional space using Home Depot products as a starting point. 

Los Angeles resident Johnny Love has a growing following of fans for his annual Love Manor Halloween display. He transforms his home into a an amazingly elaborate tribute to the macabre. Earlier, he showed us how he created some simple haunted house paintings for our Halloween Style Challenge.

Here he transforms his fireplace mantel into a classic, gloomy, but fun Halloween tableau that would work in any haunted house or horror movie. He shares with us his DIY Halloween decorating ideas, demonstrating that that the best Halloween decorations don’t always come from the holiday decor department.

Nothing quite compares to relaxing next to a roaring fire on a brisk autumn day, especially one in front of a mantel that evokes the Halloween spirit in both an elegant and macabre way. For this challenge I wanted to create a setting that used muted earthy tones with a pop of orange. So utilizing the foam pumpkins The Home Depot sent me was a must. The color was great and nothing says Halloween like pumpkins. However, I still needed to push my creativity.

The Spooky Mirror Over the Fireplace Mantel

I begun by creating my center piece which would be a simple yet ornate jet black frame. I cut the shape out of plywood using a rotosaw, painted it black using Martha Stewart’s Silhouette paint color and installed a bathroom mirror behind.

Creatig a DIY mirror: First draw shape on the board

Installing a bathroom mirror behind wooden frame

The Halloween Fireplace Mantel Runner

For the mantel, I wanted it to have a somewhat rustic feel to it, something reminiscent of the feeling of Sleepy Hollow. I used some burlap, available in the garden center of The Home Depot and some flat black spray paint.

Spray some gardeners burlap with black spray paint for the Halloween mantel runner

Spray some gardeners burlap with black spray paint

Now it was time to conjure up a sinister display. The mantel and fireplace were both cleared out and the burlap was put into place.

Once attached, I used scissors to shred it.

DIY Halloween Decorations: Adding black burlap to the mantel and use scissors to give it a worn look

Halloween Decorations Around the Fireplace

I always like to tell people that some of the best Halloween decorations are not found in the Halloween aisle. Everyday items can be used to create ghastly displays for this haunting season.

So on that note, I used two urn planters from Home Depot to anchor each side of the fireplace. Once set, I placed some branches from the garden into each one, securing them at the bottom with some leftover burlap.

Once set, I used Home Depot’s foam pumpkins to evoke the spirit of Halloween. These pumpkins are extremely easy to cut, which I needed to do to have them rest in peace. I mean in place properly.

Simple Hallowen Decorations: A black urn filled with faux pumpkins and branches

For the final touches, I placed old books and candelabras on the mantel.

Halloween Decorations: Tarnished candelabras are an elegant but eerie addition to a Halloween fireplace

DIY Halloween Decorations: Tarnished candelabras are an elegant but eerie addition to a Halloween fireplace

Once it all came together, the spirit of Halloween was in the air. With the additional of pillar candles, old wooden boxes, lanterns and various oddities, the scene came to life. Now all that’s needed is some caramel apples and hot apple cider!

Halloween Decorations for the Fireplace Mantel by Johnny Love of Love Manor

A leather chair has an old world feel which works perfectly for this Halloween fireplace

Halloween Decorations: Old lanterns and pillar candles flank the fireplace

Halloween Decoration Ideas: Old lanterns and pillar candles flank the fireplace

Halloween Props: A ring of old keys enhances the old world feel

DIY Halloween Decorations: Black burlap creates the look of rotted material and cobwebs

DIY Halloween Decorations: A book ominously open to a certain page is creeped out with a fake spider

Halloween Decorations: Candles, branches, and a DIY mirror complete the look

Halloween Decorations: A talisman hangs near the fireplace

Happy Halloween!

Johnny Love is the creative mastermind behind Love Manor, an annual haunted house in the Los Angeles area. Read more about Johnny’s love of all things spooky and about other Halloween displays he admires on Love Manor: The Official Blog. He posts photos of his amazing haunted house, too, on Flickr

To create his Halloween yard display, Johnny used the following products from The Home Depot:

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