Halloween Decorating Ideas: A Not-Too-Creepy Halloween Party

Katrina Sullivan

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of Chic Little House

Halloween Decorating Ideas: A Not-Too-Creepy Halloween Party

Sometimes it’s hard to walk that thin line between creepy Halloween and cute Halloween. But we think Katrina Sullivan, author of Chic Little House, did it perfectly with her Halloween decorating ideas.

She offers her Halloween ideas as part of our Halloween Style Challenge. We sent Katrina and several other excellent decor bloggers mystery boxes of Home Depot Halloween decorations and asked them to come up with clever and practical ideas to decorate for the holiday.

Katrina shows how she created not-too-creepy decorations for a Halloween party. Along the way, she shares some super simple Halloween decorating ideas along with a couple of easy DIY projects you can use for your own Halloween decorating.

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year, mainly because of my love of Halloween! I absolutely love dressing my home up in Halloween décor. For me Halloween is a time of magic and pretend, and pretty much anything goes from over-the-top scary, to cutesy Halloween décor. Personally, I land somewhere in the middle– I like a mix of creepy and pretty. I adore The Home Depot Style Challenges, and I’m thrilled to be asked to participate in the Halloween Style Challenge.

My challenge space is dressing our dining room up in Halloween décor. The Home Depot was generous enough to send me some goodies to help kick-off my pretty creepy Halloween décor. My sweet tooth cravings go into overdrive during Halloween, which means it made perfect sense to create a sweets table for the Style Challenge. I wanted to keep the main theme in my Halloween décor white and black, showcasing hints of orange, gold and green in saturation.

Halloween Decorating Ideas: Switch out family photos with creepy prints

Creepy (But Not TOO Creepy)

To add some drama to simple treats, I placed hard candies in these Halloween Apothecary Jars. I love these glass jars. They come in a set of six, with a detailed label and glass lid for each bottle.

Halloween Decorating Ideas: Black roses and Halloween apothecary jars

The detail on the apothecary jar labels is one of the things I love most about them, transforming mint candies into ‘bat droppings.’

Halloween Decorating Ideas: Halloween apothecary jars and orange glitter LED votive candle

I’m a huge fan of flameless candles and placed these orange glitter ones in stemless wine glasses.

Halloween Decorating Ideas: Black and White with Green and Gold Accents

By removing the family photos from our gallery wall and replacing them with creepy framed bugs and birds, it really helped transform the look of the room. I also spelled out EEK by deconstructing papier-mâché letters, adding black roses in moss inside the letter forms.

Halloween Decorating Ideas: A Not-Too-Creepy Halloween Party

Halloween Decorating Ideas: A Not-Too-Creepy Halloween Party

Halloween Decorating Ideas: Black and White with Gold and Green Accents

DIY Halloween Decor Projects

I spray painted some rubber snakes and spiders black so that they would keep with the black and white color scheme of my Halloween party decorations.Halloween Decorating Ideas: Spray Painting Snakes

To complete my style challenge, I also worked on a few projects with pumpkins, glitter and wood dowels (happy combination, if you ask me). I picked up a few mums from the garden section of Home Depot, along with a few pumpkins from their indoor pumpkin patch to transform into my vision.

Glam Black Pumpkin with Glitter Stem

I taped off off the pumpkin stem, then I lightly spray painted the pumpkin matte black using Rust-Oleum Matte Black. After allowing the pumpkin to dry overnight, I removed the painters tape and applied glitter glue to the stem. After that, I added Martha Stewart Florentine Gold glitter to the stem, then let the whole thing dry.

Halloween Decorating Ideas: Glam Black Pumpkin

Halloween Decorating Ideas: Glam Black Pumpkin with Glitter Stem

Halloween Decorating Ideas: Applying glitter to glam black pumpkin

Metallic Pumpkin Flower Vase

I also wanted to add a little color to the corner of my dining room, so I decided to transform a pumpkin into a pumpkin mum vase.

Using Rust-Oleum Metallic Gold, I lightly spray painted the bottom on the pumpkin. Once the paint was dry, I used the Dremel Pumpkin carver to remove the top of my pumpkin. I cleaned out the inside of the pumpkin using an extra-large pumpkin scoop I bought from the Home Depot Halloween section.

Halloween Decorating Ideas: Metallic Gold Pumpkin

Halloween Decorating Ideas: Using Dremel pumpkin carving tool

Halloween Decorating Ideas: Scooping the inside of a pumpkin

Halloween Decorating Ideas: Metallic Gold Pumpkin Flower Vase

Crow’s Perch

Halloween Decorating Ideas: Creating a crow's perch

Halloween Decorating Ideas: Ravens on a Hanging Perch

One of my favorite projects for the challenge was making the hanging crow landing. I piece of bought 2 x 16 pre-cut dowel, along with black chain and hooks (painted black) from The Home Depot.

I spray painted the dowel matte black and screwed the hooks into the wood, then added the chain.

Not wanting to poke holes in my ceiling, I used hanging hooks used to hold dustpans inside cabinet doors and hung from my ceiling, they work GOOD!

I also used them to hang the creepy Shaking Spiders Nest you see in the corner.

Halloween Decorating Ideas: A Not-Too-Creepy Halloween Party

I’m thrilled with how our dining room looks, and so happy to dress my home up in Halloween style that feels pretty and creepy at the same time.

Halloween Decorating Ideas: A Not-Too-Creepy Halloween Party

Happy Halloween, may your month be filled with yummy treats.

Katrina Sullivan is a Northern California native, wife to Hasani and mother of two delightful boys. Katrina shares her DIY projects and ongoing home renovations on her blog Chic Little House.

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