Halloween Decorating Ideas for Those Who Don’t Have a Mantel (or Do)

Natalie Dalpias

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Halloween Decorating Ideas for Those Who Don't Have a Mantel (or Do)

These whimsical, cute Halloween decorating ideas would work great on a fireplace mantel. There’s no reason to feel deprived, though, if your home doesn’t have a fireplace. Natalie Dalpias, the crafty mind behind The Creative Mom, is here to show you how to create a Halloween display without a mantel.

This is her contribution to our Halloween Style Challenge. We send mystery shipments of Home Depot Halloween decorations to some especially talented bloggers to see what sort of decorating ideas they can come up with.

Natalie has some very practical Halloween ideas with a few of her own special DIYs to make her mantel-that’s-not-a-mantel burst with fun Halloween spirit.

I always love decorating for Halloween. I love that pretty much anything goes for this season and while things can be cute, you have more freedom to spook things up and add more fun touches than you usually can. With that being said, I will admit that I’m a HUGE wimp. I don’t really love scary things, and I didn’t want to scream with fright every time I walked into the room, so while I added some spooky things into my decor this year, I tried to keep it on the fun side… you know, for the kids (*wink).

My assignment for this Style Challenge was to come up with Halloween decorating ideas for the mantle. Except I don’t have a fireplace, so therefore I have no mantle, which really isn’t a huge deal… except my kids no longer believe in Santa, and I don’t have a good place to decorate for all the different holidays. So I built these Cafe Shelves awhile back, and I’ve loved having them to decorate each season. This is a PERFECT solution for homes that don’t have a mantle.

Probably my favorite part of everything I’ve added to the shelves are these apothecary jars. Each jar has something creepy on the label, and I just put some different items in each one, like water with food coloring for the “witches brew,” noodles for the “bones of dragons,” and coarse salt for “crystallized bat droppings.”

My kids think this is hilarious, and who am I kidding? I do too.

I created these pedestal stands you see above from simple things I found at The Home Depot, like table legs and door knob stops.

I love that they add dimension to all the different items on the shelves. Oh, and that spider is a terra cotta pot coaster painted black with pipe cleaners and googly eyes.

This candle holder is another pedestal stand. I made it using a table leg and a post cap turned upside down. I used some books and  the carvable foam pumpkins to fill everything in.

And don’t you just LOOVE that spooky Halloween mirror? Except it’s not a mirror at all. It’s just an empty frame with some plywood spray painted silver and a spiderweb drawn on with a Sharpie. Looks kind of cool, right?

The chalkboard printable above is available for free on my blog, and that cute little glass owl is probably staying up all year long because I just love him so much.

Since my shelves are in my dining room, I added some spooky touches to the table too. These huge spiders really add some oomph to the the space. I just zip tied them to the backs of some of our chairs, and my kids fight over who gets to sit in the spider chairs!

I used some burlap from the garden section at The Home Depot for my table runner. Then put this cute lantern and glittery seasonal votives on a silver tray for my centerpiece. So cute and simple.

I also hung a spider from our light, just for fun.

And then my wall needed a little something. So I built this pallet art- except I didn’t use a pallet at all. I used cedar fence pickets, cut in half, and attached them together for a pallet look, without all the work of ripping apart a pallet. I’ve posted a tutorial for this DIY pallet wall art on my blog.

I’m really happy with how this space turned out. Having shelves like mine is such a great solution for houses without mantles.

Natalie Dalpais describes herself as “a crafting,  DIY-ing, decorating, Photoshopping, handy-woman.” Her blog, The Creative Mom has tons of fun and useful tutorials and inspiration. Take a look at her tutorial for a DIY farmhouse bench here on The Home Depot Blog.

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