Colorful Updates to a Flower-Filled Outdoor Living Room

Stephanie Fisher

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Colorful Updates to a Flower-Filled Outdoor Living Room

As much fun as a complete deck makeover can be, often all it takes is a few simple steps to make your outdoor space seem new again. You can turn a backyard deck into a veritable outdoor living room by planting some colorful flowers, changing the pillows on the patio furniture, or just hanging some planters.

Stephanie Fisher of Glitter and Goat Cheese is here to show us exactly that– small outdoor decor ideas that have a big imact. We first saw her gorgeous new pergola a while back here on The Home Depot Blog. It was for our Patio Style Challenge series. Now we revisit her covered deck for a Patio Style Challenge Redux.

Stephanie will show us a really simple way to plant flowers and a fun do-it-yourself way to add colorful tassels to outdoor pillows. But first, she has to remake and improve a cute hanging garden that didn’t quite survive the winter on her outdoor living room.

Decorating an Outdoor Living Room

Living in the south, my husband and I (and our dog, Macy) spend a lot of time outdoors. In fact, we weren’t really sure when winter began or ended, because we kept running into randomly warm days, so we just left our entire patio set on the deck all year. This meant we got to enjoy it for many extra sunny hours, but it also meant that we learned what could withstand the elements and what couldn’t.

Thankfully, almost everything still stands!

Nonetheless, we were so excited when The Home Depot asked us if we’d like to refresh our outdoor living room. Our main goals were to add a few more punches of color and to bring in lots and lots of plants and flowers.

An outdoor living room with beautiful, floral punches of color

Sadly, our beautiful gold framed hanging garden didn’t survive our wet winter. Even though I sealed the painted wood with a clear gloss, the moisture was just too much for an indoor frame to bear, and most of the gold had peeled off by the time spring arrived.

So, my husband and I endeavored to come up with a more durable replacement. I’ve been wanting to add more copper to the space, so we hung our five plants from a copper pipe.

Copper Pipe Outdoor Hanging Garden

A DIY Copper Pipe Outdoor Hanging Garden by Stephanie Fisher of Glitter and Goat Cheese on The Home Depot Blog

We used the same brass ceiling hooks to hang some new deco chain, then attached the copper pipe with spray-painted S-hooks and eye bolts.

We used the same flower pots as last year– deciding to embrace the chipped paint as part of a lived-in look– but we opted to fill them with sun-loving herbs, like basil, rosemary and thyme.

Once again, we hung the pots with brass jack chain.

A DIY Copper Pipe Outdoor Hanging Garden by Stephanie Fisher of Glitter and Goat Cheese on The Home Depot Blog

Easy Container Gardening

I was thrilled to find a whole section at my local Home Depot store dedicated to Drop -N-Bloom mixed arrangements. Drop-N-Blooms are fantastic because you don’t have to go through the trouble of figuring out which plants go best together, whether they can handle the same watering levels, whether they have different soil requirements. Drop-N-Blooms are pre-arranged by garden designers, so there’s no guesswork.

Planted Drop-N-Bloom succulents in a copper planter

I actually used four of them! One of my favorites is this succulent mix, which I dropped into a copper planter.

A Drop-N-Bloom succulent mix in a copper planter next to a jasmine plant in an outdoor living room

It was so easy, and I love how full and vibrant it looks! I nestled it next to one of my two new jasmine plants, which I’m hoping will enthusiastically climb our pergola this summer.

A Drop-N-Bloom filled with flowers and creeping Jenny in a large blue planter.

I used another Drop-N-Bloom, filled with flowers and creeping Jenny, to fill a large blue planter.

Two Drop-N-Bloom arrangements of petunias and alyssum in CobraCo hanging baskets

And I found two Drop-N-Bloom arrangements of petunias and alyssum to fill our hanging baskets. We used both flowers in our baskets last year, but these took a fraction of the time!

Clownfish Dianthus plant by Viva! Brand.

In keeping with the fuchsia flower theme, I couldn’t resist this Clownfish Dianthus plant by Viva! Brand. I love that these flowers are a different shape than the others in our outdoor living room – they’re so much fun!

DIY Mason Line Pillow Tassels

I still love all the pillow covers I sewed last year, but I’ve been wanting to use mason line for a DIY project for years. There’s no time like the present! I used a tried-and-true tutorial by Martha Stewart to create tassels out of neon fuchsia and yellow mason line and hand-sewed them onto the corners of my tribal pillows from last year and a set of sea foam Hampton Bay outdoor pillows that I just picked up.

DIY Mason Line Pillow Tassels

Mason line is fairly slippery and doesn’t love to be tied in knots, so I added a dab of glue at the top to keep my tassels from coming apart. Once it dried, you couldn’t even see it!

A pillow tassel made of neon yellow mason's line

The tassels add a sassy bit of flair to the outdoor living room, and my husband and I have cracked ourselves up by mimicking the arm and leg positions the pillows are making with their corners. I know. We’re weird.

Bird Feeder

Lastly, by request of our kitties, we hung a copper bird feeder from one of the pergola posts.

Palazzo Large Bird Feeder from The Home Depot

We’ve had tons of birds landing right outside our back door, and our cats are in heaven. We’re pretty happy with it, too. Isn’t it gorgeous? The copper has the most beautiful glow when the sun hits it.

A Beautiful Pergola

This year, we’ve simplified the upkeep of our outdoor living room while maintaining everything we loved about it: comfort and color.

Colorful Updates to a Flower-Filled Outdoor Living Room
We can’t wait to enjoy it with a cool drink and a good book!

Colorful Updates to a Flower-Filled Outdoor Living Room

Stephanie Fisher is the creative mind behind Glitter and Goat Cheese, where she says she loves “eating things, and looking at things, and wearing things, and sitting on things.” That’s where she shares her tricks and tips for decorating, DIY, cooking and general inspiration.

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