Simple DIYs for a Festive Halloween Tablescape

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Simple DIYs for a Festive Halloween Tablescape

This cute and colorful Halloween tablescape is the work of the very talented Shonee Smith, who writes the blog Hawthorne and Main. Shonee shows how just a few simple holiday decor items and a little creativity got this dining table ready for a fun, Halloween-themed dinner party.

This is Shonee’s contribution to our Halloween Style Challenge series here on The Home Depot Blog. Every year we invite some of the best design and DIY bloggers on the internet to create Halloween- and fall-ready decor or projects using items from The Home Depot.

Take a look at how easy it is to create Shonee’s leather napkin rings, Halloween hostess gifts, a Halloween centerpiece and other festive touches for the home.

Festive Halloween Tablescape

Let me share with you a few simple DIYs that you can do at home to create a fun and colorful Halloween tablescape for a Halloween-themed dinner party.

Leather Napkin Rings

How to make leather napkin rings

These napkin rings are so simple. Take a piece of scrap leather or pleather and cut it into a 1½ x 6 in. rectangle.

Using some hot glue, glue it into a circle. Be sure to press the two pieces of leather together firmly until the glue hardens.

Now you have some sleek napkin rings. If you are able to bring some natural elements into your decor it brings a certain calmness and sophistication to the the display.

Simple Ideas for a Festive Halloween Tablescape

Halloween Hostess Gift
Halloween hostess gift: flameless candle with name tag

It’s always a nice gesture to give your dinner guests a small gift or treat. It doesn’t need to be super fancy or expensive. Try to think a little bit creatively.

For this table setting, I picked up some small tea lights, battery operated of course, and added a DIY tag with each guest’s name on it. To make these, run a piece of string through a tag cut from a piece of card stock. Add the guest’s name, and tie it around the tea light! Fabulous!

Hopefully, my guests will go home and home be inspired do some pumpkin carving! These tea lights are perfect for pumpkins or anything that you want to light up but don’t want to worry about the side effects of real candles. I love the orange sparkles!

Halloween hostess gift: name tag and flameless tea candle

Halloween Tablescape Centerpiece

Another great way to make the space festive is a Halloween centerpiece. It’s a great way to bring the whole space together and be the focal point of the space.

Here is a simply one to try.

Halloween Centerpiece Tutorial

How to make a Halloween table centerpiece

1. Grab an empty basket- one that fits the table nicely.

2. Fill it to the top with plastic grocery bags.

3. Add some flowers around the perimeter of the basket.

4. and 5. Add some accent colors. Pick some fall colored flowers to accent the white.

6. Add more bags on top of the flowers.

7. Place a napkin or towel over the bags, to hide them.

8. Add a focal point

9.and 10. Add some spooky skulls and jack o’lanterns to the centerpiece.

Simple DIYs for a Festive Halloween Tablescape
Simple DIYs for a Festive Halloween Tablescape
Simple DIYs for a Festive Halloween Tablescape

Festive Fall Touches

I added a few additional fall touches around the house to add to the festive look.

Basket with fall colors and flowers
Jack 'o Lantern decoration

We are ready for our Halloween-themed dinner party!

Shonee Smith writes the blog Hawthorne and Main, a place for all things creative, from home decor ideas to DIY projects and home renovations on a budget. She love to create and craft daily! When she isn’t being creative, she loves to spend time with her hubby, who she affectionately calls Mr. Main, and her two little girls.

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