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Learn how to build this faux stone column

This very realistic faux stone column helped complete the Gothic look in Elisha Albretsen’s Halloween decor.

Elisha, of Pneumatic Addict, styled her spooky Halloween decorations for our Halloween Style Challenge series on The Home Depot Blog.

Here she gives us step-by-step instructions on how to build a faux stone column for your own Halloween display or stage production.

How to Make a Faux Stone Column

When I started to brainstorm Halloween decor for my entryway this year, I wanted to create something new. We are lucky enough to have a large front porch so I knew I needed a large focal point to set the scene. While walking through the holiday section of my local Home Depot store I spied a massive 30 in. gargoyle statue and decided right away to build a faux stone column to be a perch for the statue.

Materials List

I found the secret to give my faux stone column it’s fluted sides in the plumbing aisle.

I used one ¾ in. x 72 in. piece foam pipe insulation for the top and bottom of the column. The thirteen, 72 in. lengths of ½ in. of insulation formed the vertical fluting of the column.

Foam pipe insulation used to make a faux stone column

Step 1: Create the Top Pieces of the Column

Cut the ¾-in. pipe insulation in half lengthwise. We started using a utility knife, but discovered it was much easier to slide a serrated knife through the slit in the foam.

Slicing foam pipe insulation to create a faux stone column

I applied a bead of adhesive on each edge of the cut insulation and wrapped these foam pieces around the top and bottom circumference of the 12 in. concrete form tube.

I trimmed the foam pieces to length and held each piece in place with a strip of duct tape.

Applying glue to foam pipe insulation to create a faux stone column

Step 2: Create the Vertical Fluting

I then attached the ½ in. strips of insulation vertically around the tube. I wrapped a few lengths of masking tape around to hold everything in place while the adhesive dried.

Once it was dry, I applied caulk to each of the seams.

Step 3: Create and Attach the End Plates

Using wood glue, I attached pairs of wood rounds together– two rounds for the top plate and two rounds for the bottom plate.

I found the center of each plate and inserted a screw eye.

Next, I hooked the bungee cord on the bottom plate and centered the column tube over it.

How to build a faux stone column

Since neither my husband or I have four-foot-long arms, we used a broom handle to fish for the other end of the bungee cord and pull it through the opening.

How to build a faux stone column

Then, I attached the top by hooking the bungee cord through the eye screw in the top plate.

By connecting the column components together this way, I can take it apart and store the pieces when Halloween is over.

Bungee cord holds together top and bottom of fake column

Step 4: Create Faux Stone Texture

With the column built, I started to work on the faux stone texture.

Creating realistic faux stone column

First, I used a pair of pliers to make a few rips and tears in the foam.

Then, I sprayed a thin layer of Homax drywall texture over the entire column.

Once that was dry, I lightly sanded the surface, knocking down any large lumps.

Then, I sprayed on two coats of Rust-Oleum roof accessory paint.


Step 5: Create Faux Patina

After allowing the paint to fully dry, I started to apply the faux patina finish.

I ripped chunks out of a regular kitchen sponge, creating an irregular pattern. Using the sponge, I lightly stamped on cream colored, chalk-based paint, trying to only hit the high points of the texture.

Creating a realistic faux stone column

I waited a few hours for the patina to dry, then moved my faux column in place by the front door.

The Completed Faux Stone Column

How to Build a Realistic Faux Stone Column for Your Halloween Display

I think I was able to match the texture of the gargoyle pretty well, and it took much less time than it looks.

How to Build a Realistic Faux Stone Column

My seven-year-old twins absolutely love how “creepy” our front porch is and tell me every day.

30 in. Gargoyle Figure from The Home Depot

Are you ready to add some spook to your space? In a few hours I was able to give my front porch some major wow factor. It was so easy, I’m tempted to make a whole collection of faux stone decorations.

How to Build a Realistic Faux Stone Column for Your Halloween Display

Get creative and have a Happy Halloween!

Elisha Albretsen writes about home improvement, decor, recipes and demystifying power tools on her blog Pneumatic Addict. She lives with her husband and twin boys in Queen Creek, Arizona.

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