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Liz Fourez

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It’s no wonder Liz Fourez of Love Grows Wild chose a farmhouse look for her fall decor– she lives on a farm! We’ve already seen her decorations for a harvest bonfire party. Now, for our Harvest and Halloween Style Challenge, we move indoors to see her dining table’s simple and lovely fall tablescape.

She also gives us a peek at more of her vintage farmhouse decor, including a quick tutorial on how she created a cute “vintage” apple orchard sign.

Farmhouse Fall Decor

Fall is a very busy time for us on the farm with harvest in full swing and fields full of crops to be collected. I just can’t let this beautiful season pass without adding a few touches of autumn, though.

I decided to start in our dining room, which is a unique space because it also functions as our entryway. Earlier this year, we built our farmhouse dining table, along with the coordinating benches. This grand table has added a ton of seating in here, but it also saves space because the benches slide right under the table when we’re not using them. We also added board and batten to the walls to lighten up the space, and it has completely changed the look of our dining room and living room, which sits just on the other side of the dining room.

I like to use a lot of neutral colors when I decorate, so I usually skip the typical oranges and reds for fall decorating and stick with a palette of whites, creams, grays, and hints of dusty blue and mossy green. Seasonal decor should feel like a natural extension of your home, so I like to add small hints of fall throughout the room, rather than stuff bright orange pumpkins in every corner. To me, it’s the little things that speak so much louder than the obvious things…

Cozy blankets added to our benches…

Warm candlelight…

A few clippings of dried wheat set in vintage bottles…

Jackets and scarves hung on the coat rack for chilly days…

A vintage apple orchard sign…

Boots set out to dry…

All these elements feel like a natural fit in our dining room, but come together to celebrate my favorite season.

Fall Tablescape

The table runner was made from part of a drop cloth, and I chose simple round, white plates paired with antique silverware that has been passed down through my husband’s grandfather’s family. I love a big, fancy table setting as much as the next person, but for our home, a collection of simple family heirlooms set on a table we built together as a family feels so special.

I used a couple greenery garlands to line the center of the table and white candlesticks to add a touch of elegance. I did use a few pumpkins around the room, but I painted the small ones on the table with a dusty blue chalk paint to keep with our cozy, calm, farmhouse theme.






DIY Vintage Sign

The “vintage” apple orchard sign was actually a DIY project, which was super simple to do over a few hours one afternoon.

I purchased a sheet of plywood and two 2-in. x 2-in. boards to create the sign and the frame. I cut the plywood down to 3-ft. x 3-ft. with my circular saw and sanded any rough edges. Then I cut the 2 x 2’s using a miter saw into four 38-in pieces with a 45-degree mitered corner on each end.

I painted the plywood with two coats of white chalky finish paint and stained the frame pieces with Minwax Classic Gray stain.


To add the wording to the sign, I first created the design in Microsoft Word (you could also use PicMonkey) and saved the design as a jpeg. Then I uploaded the jpeg to, which allows you to enlarge the image and print the design in multiple pages from your computer.

I printed my design on nine different pages and pieced them together with tape to create the full design. You’ll need to trim the edges of each page a bit to make everything fit together correctly.

I placed my design centered over the plywood and used a pen to trace around all the letters. Make sure to press down hard to leave an indent in the plywood underneath the paper.

Once I had the design traced on the plywood, I used a small paintbrush to fill in the letters with black paint. I wanted the sign to have a vintage look, so I used sandpaper to wear off some of the paint.

Then I assembled the frame by lining up each of the four 2 x 2’s to create a square. I added a dab of wood glue to each mitered edge and secured the corners together with my brad nailer. Once the frame was built, I placed the plywood right-side down on top of the frame and secured the sign with brad nails all along the edges.

More Vintage Farmhouse Decor

I love the new look in our dining room and all the warm autumn sunlight that filters through the windows. It’s such a beautiful space to come home to! A big thank you to The Home Depot for helping me get our home ready for fall!










Liz Fourez is the author of Love Grows Wild, a creative home and lifestyle blog that focuses on stylish home decor and unique DIY projects. Liz grew up near the suburbs of Chicago, but now lives on a fourth-generation farm in Indiana with her husband and two little boys. She says she couldn’t imagine life any other way.