Beautiful, Family-Friendly Living Room Makeover

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Beautiful Living Room Makeover

This beautiful living room makeover was a special project by Destiny Alfonso of Just Destiny Mag for a beautiful family with extra big hearts.

Since the family often welcomes foster children into their home, the living room makeover needed to make the room attractive, comfortable and ready for family time.

The new furnishings, drapes and area rug all come from The Home Depot’s Home Decorators Collection, and as you’ll see, it all looks fabulous.

Living Room Makeover

My friend Natalie is a wife and a mother to three, but also a mother to all! Her husband and her foster children throughout the year and share their home with no conditions to whoever is in need. She loves the babies, so anytime I come over I can get my baby fix or chase toddlers around while we chat it up.

When you first walk into their home the have a living room area that was completely bare. They used the room for hockey games and dance parties on the weekends and left it open during the week because, well, it just wasn’t a priority. Being the home blogger and designer that I am, every time I would enter her home I would decorate it for her…in my head. I imagined some curtains and rugs to warm things up, a couple of seating options for her and her husband to get away in the morning for devotions or wind down at night after a long day with the kids.

Before the Living Room Makeover

Bare living room

The room has great light with a wall color similar to Behr’s Parchment Paper, which keeps things nice and fresh.

But other than that, this room needed a lot of love. The design kind, because their little family has enough love to hold these walls together for years.

The New Living Room

Concept board for living room makeover Here is the concept I put together for them. Natalie’s style is simple. Not over the top and very approachable. She craves design but is just a little too busy to actually put it all together! So I took some of her wants and needs and married them to create this concept board for the living room makeover.

Beautiful Living Room Makeover

The anchor piece for the entire design is this gorgeous blue sofa. The blue is the same deep blue that I remember seeing out in the middle of the ocean this summer while we were on our cruise. It’s like they captured that color in a bottle and poured it right over the entire thing.

Beautiful Living Room Makeover

I love to mix and match rooms as much as I can. So opposite of the deep blue sofa we selected two chairs. One that was a bit more traditional with, a linen Marie armchair, and another natural linen armchair that was a little more structured with a wood frame. Both in neutral colors so I wouldn’t compete with our blue beauty!

Beautiful Living Room Makeover

Bella Round Aged Gold Glass Coffee Table from The Home Depot
To bring in a little glam I selected this rounded glass table. Natalie didn’t want anything with corners because of the kids running around and I couldn’t have agreed more. But to keep it a bit more grown up we opted for the glass. She can handle fingerprints like a boss.

Beautiful Living Room Makeover

Just like I imagined when I first walked into her home a few years ago, we warmed the space up with some faux linen drapes in a warm gray and a natural fiber area rug. We were both very surprised on how comfortable the nrug was on the feet! From the way it looks one might think it would be scratchy, but it’s not at all!

Beautiful Living Room Makeover

Highland 3-Shelf Bookcase in Sandblasted Natural from The Home Depot

For extra storage we selected this gorgeous Highland cabinet with shutter doors and iron hardware accents. I love bringing wood into spaces and this piece definitely adds some warmth and coziness to this large room. It’s a great place to store magazine books and other items that they want out of site!

Beautiful Living Room Makeover


These distressed wood candle holders add a little extra texture to the living room.

Beautiful Living Room Makeover

The Odessa Garden Stool from Home Decorators collection works as a side table.

Beautiful Living Room Makeover

Beautiful Living Room Makeover

In the corner we created a great little area with the Aldridge side table and this gorgeous mirror and lamp. Having little moments like this around the room brings some personality to the space. Family photos, wall quotes and functional items like lighting really makes the room livable.

Beautiful Living Room Makeover for Beautiful Family

Natalie has a framed quote hanging on her wall. It’s often ascribed to Pablo Picasso:

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”

I think that sums up this makeover perfectly…”give your gifts away” so that others can enjoy! It’s amazing how when design and love meet the result is a beautiful room with beautiful people!

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