Fall Decorating Ideas in 2014 Halloween Style Challenge

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Fall Decorating Ideas Coming in Halloween Style Challenge

Enjoy some of the extraordinary Halloween and fall decorating ideas we collected during the 2014 edition of The Home Depot Blog’s Halloween Style Challenge series. We had some super talented designers and DIYers share their Halloween and harvest ideas for the dining room, fireplace mantel and outdoor decorating– all using Home Depot products as the starting point. You’ll get plenty of inspiration for lovely fall decor, spooky Halloween yard decorations and more.

We are thrilled to introduce the talented participants of our 2014 Halloween & Harvest Style Challenge.

First Row:

Natalie Dalpias is the mother of three small children, so holidays are a big deal in her house. Readers love the terrific DIY and craft projects she posts on her blog, The Creative Mom. She decorated her dining room for Halloween in her Style Challenge.

In her Style Challenge contribution, Katie of Made to be a Momma focused on outdoor Halloween decorating. Take a look at her blog to see the other amazing holiday-inspired crafts and recipes she creates for her family.

Kristin Cadwallader has a background in art and design, so her decorating skills are impeccable. A quick look at her blog, Bliss at Home, will show you she’s also a very talented DIYer, too. Wait until you see how she decorates her home for Halloween.

This is the second Style Challenge from Lindsay Jackman of The Buffalo Styling Co. She blew us away with the boho-style pergola she designed for her recent Patio Style Challenge. We know her dining room with a harvest theme is another something special.

Carrie Waller is a veteran contributor to The Home Depot blog, too. Her blog, Dream Green DIY, is chock-full of practical DIY project ideas and decorating tips. She gave her dining room a dual Halloween and harvest look for her Halloween Style Challenge.

Second Row:

Jennifer Griffin of Dimples & Tangles has always loved DIY projects that involve decorating. Her catchy blog name is inspired by her two children. She focused on her fireplace mantel for Halloween decorations. We see that she used lots of wood textures and sparkly things. Wait til you see the full reveal!

Adrianne Lentine writes the blog Dream Book Design. She’s an Arizona native who loves tackling a good DIY project. She has an eclectic style and isn’t afraid to head in delightfully unexpected ways with decor. Decorating with a fall harvest look was a cinch for Adrianne.

If you’re looking for a blog that’s all about holiday design and decor, then you won’t want to miss The Holiday Queen. Melissa Valeriote is a folk artist and the mastermind behind this great site. Her blog is all about creating one-of-a-kind pieces of art, and her harvest-themed decorations are sure to amaze.

Monica Benavidez chronicles DIY adventures that are creative and affordable on her blog Monica Wants It. We loved the way she decorated her dining room for Christmas in her previous Style Challenge. Now, she’s given her fireplace mantel a harvest theme. Check it out.

Lay Baby Lay is where Joni Lay shows off all of the super creative ideas she has for her home. Joni clearly loves to create spaces that are full of imagination and delight– the backyard playhouse she created for her two little girls is truly enchanting.

Third Row:

Liz Fourez, of Love Grows Wild, fancies herself a “mini Martha”– writing about all things homemaking, crafting, and cooking. Liz blogs with passion from her newly renovated home in Indiana. We can’t wait until you see what she’s dreamed up for her fall-inspired outdoor decorations.

Working in Los Angeles as a production designer, Johnny Love is the quintessential creative type. Just look at the spooky-cool “ghost artist” tableau and the over-the-top haunted house mantel he created for 2013 Halloween Style Challenge. He’s famous for his annual Love Manor Halloween display.

Katrina Sullivan of Chic Little House loves a good DIY project. In fact, after her home was damaged in a fire, Katrina rebuilt the house, with thoughtful improvements and more than a few DIYs. Katrina’s ideas are colorful and creative. Take a look at the cute PVC bowling pins she made in a previous Style Challenge. We can’t wait for you to see Katrina’s stylish spin on Halloween decor!

Scott Stoll, a self-taught artist and master of all things spooky and scary. Last year, we were thrilled to see Scott’s wicked front yard Halloween display that took our 2013 Halloween Style Challenge to new heights – literally! Scott, an award-winning papier-mâché artist, opens his studio, Stolloween Studio, to those interested in learning aboutpapier-mâché techniques.

Erin Souder, talented lifestyle blogger at House of Earnest, is a Style Challenge veteran. Erin’s styling tips and holiday decor ideas always inspire us to get our homes ready for entertaining. She styled her dining room for Christmas with natural textures and bold contrasts. We can’t wait for you to see Erin’s harvest-inspired ideas for outdoor dining.

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