Fall and Thanksgiving Decorations for the Dining Room

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Fall and Thanksgiving Decorations for the Dining Room

As you’ll see, Adrianne Lentine of  dream book design puts a lot of thought into her Thanksgiving decorations. For our Harvest Style Challenge, she used a mix of Home Depot fall decorations and some of her own DIY skill to create a warm, lovely Thanksgiving dining room. She includes a tutorial for her DIY Wood Block Candle Holder, and she even gives a little love to the kids table.

Thanksgiving Decorations

Here in Phoenix, we suffer through a brutal summer with the anticipation that fall and cooler temps are near. So what’s a girl to do when its still hot as heck outside, but she wants fall to be here now? Decorate as early as possible, crank up the A/C, and grab a pumpkin spice latte.

Fall and Thanksgiving Decorations for the Dining Room

Every year my little family gets to host Thanksgiving for both sides of our family, and it truly is the best. What is better than getting together with your loved ones? Adding a fantastic meal in!

So this year I got started on my fall decorating in the dining room. This room is already a favorite of ours because of the DIY Card Catalog Buffet and DIY Driftwood Art we did a few years back, so adding in a good mix of DIY and store-bought Thanksgiving decorations makes it that much better. And there is just something about the warm tones of all things fall that brings a sense of comfort to the home that I love.

Thanksgiving Decorations for the Buffet

I wanted the table to be chock-full of beautiful table settings and decor, so in return, I opted to keep the card catalog decor a little more simple, as to not overwhelm the room. Sometimes less is more! I used our DIY Wooden Slice Tray as the starting off point, and added from there.

Fall and Thanksgiving Decorations for the Dining Room

The Home Depot has an awesome turkey table decoration that I fell in love with, but wanted to simplify it a bit, so I spray painted it white.

Isn’t spray paint just our BFF when it comes to quick fixes?!

Fall and Thanksgiving Decorations for the Dining Room Fall and Thanksgiving Decorations for the Dining Room

It is so great just how much two coats of spray paint can change an item! I liked the turkey before, but I love it now!

And while I wanted him to be a bright white, I wanted the surroundings to be rich and warm like fall. The Fall Pumpkin Cornucopia and Rattan Pumpkin from The Home Depot were perfect. A great part about fun items like all three of these is that you can either play around with it, or leave it as is. The turkey got painted, and the pumpkins’ leaves got changed out, but the cornucopia stayed just ‘as is’!

I also placed sparkly painted pumpkins into the clear bases of the table lamps on the card catalog buffet.

I love taking a store-bought item and making it your own. You would be surprised at how much you can make something look totally custom just by switching out a few things here and there!

Then it was on to the table decor! My most favorite part!

DIY Wood Block Candle Holder

This year, I really wanted something special to take center stage on the table for Thanksgiving. I envisioned something that would be a fun and user- friendly DIY, something that put off the feeling of warmth and fall, meanwhile reminding everyone that sees it of the meaning of the holiday. The thought actually came to me while at church (yes, yes, I should have been focusing on the message, but sometimes I get distracted!).

I immediately drew out what I wanted, and my sweet hubby Jeremy gave it a thumbs up.

Fall and Thanksgiving Decorations for the Dining Room


DIY Wood Block Candle Holder

We had the fabulous staff at the Home Depot cut our 4 x 4 in to two pieces each of 3, 4, 5, and one 6 inches.

Once we got them home, I got to sanding them down. I don’t know what it is, but there is something totally therapeutic about sanding to me. Erasing away the rough and revealing the smooth? Love that concept.

Once all the blocks were nice and smooth, we leveled them out and glued them together. To get a nice and solid hold, we used clamps to hold them in place overnight.

DIY Wood Block Candle Holder

The next night we were able to drill in the holes where the candles were going to go!

And the final touch was having my sweet friend Kylie draw out her beautiful calligraphy in pencil for me. We used a soldering iron to burn in the words.

Did you know that you can totally use a soldering iron to do this? I love using this instead of a wood burning pen, because this has a million more uses than just wood burning!!

DIY Wood Block Candle Holder DIY Wood Block Candle Holder

Isn’t there something special about the way a room just feels different when a candle is burning?

I love the automatic warmth and intimacy it brings, and that feeling is one that I want when surrounded by our awesome family.

The Thanksgiving Tablescape

In addition to the DIY Wood Block Candle Holder, we added some other fun small projects to the table.

We used 18-gauge copper wire to hold together our wooden utensils, while adding a fall leaf for a pop of color (see the full tutorial for my DIY Silverware Holder on my blog).

We also made a slit in our metallic gourds in order to hold the name cards for our guests. All these things are super inexpensive, but add some fun personality to the decor!

Fall and Thanksgiving Decorations for the Dining Room

Thanksgiving Decorations for the Kids Table

The other side of the dining room is all about keeping it simple and fun for the kids.

We added some fall leaves to our DIY Driftwood Art and then had fun decorating the kids farmhouse table. For the kids table I wanted there to still be decoration, but knowing how crazy and messy kids can get, I kept it ‘user’ friendly. :)

Fall and Thanksgiving Decorations for the Dining Room

Fall and Thanksgiving Decorations for the Dining Room Fall and Thanksgiving Decorations for the Dining Room

I loved adding in these already perfect pieces from The Home Depot. The Harvest Burlap Sign is totally fun for getting inspired for all things fall and Halloween.

Fall and Thanksgiving Decorations for the Dining Room

Now that the adults table AND the kids table are all set, we just need some cooler temps and Thanksgiving to get here! In the meantime, I will continue cranking up the A/C, eating all things pumpkin, and maybe even doing another fall DIY to get inspired!

Adrianne and Jeremy Lentine have a passion for DIY home renovations, doing their own homes and flipping homes in their neighborhood as well. Their blog, dream book design, covers everything from DIY tutorials,the homes they flip, recipes, and even the fun journey of parenting their two boys.