Dry Erase Picture Frame Station


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Mud Room Dry Erase Station

In this DIY project, Rust-Oleum shows you how to transform a mud room into a clean, well organized space that can be used for any purpose.

Utilizing empty wall space, you can create a fun, decorative communication station with Rust-Oleum Dry Erase paint.

Follow the how-to below.

Creating the Dry Erase Station

Dry Erase Station Project Materials


Step 1: Clean and Trace

Tracing Outlines for Dry Erase Frames
Locate the best portion of your wall to create your communication station. Clean all surfaces thoroughly with soap and water, then rinse and let it dry. Our dry erase areas will be displayed inside old and new frames. For this project, we used four larger frames.

To measure, simply take a frame and trace the interior portion using a pencil. We recommend using a level to ensure you are straight. Do this for each frame.

Step 2: Tape

Taping Borders of Dry Erase Frame
After tracing the inside of the picture frame, add painter’s tape to the outside edge of your traced lines to keep things clean while painting.

TIP: Prime dark surfaces prior to application of the dry erase paint.

Step 3: Pour and Mix the Dry Erase Paint

Mixing Dry Erase Activator and Base

Spreading Drop Cloth

Stirring Dry Erase Activator and Base
After you’ve finished taping, you are ready to paint. Working in a well ventilated area, spread a drop cloth out to protect from possible spills.

First, stir Part A and Part B separately. Then, pour Part A Activator into Part B Base.

Stir components together with a stir stick until the paint is uniform in color (about two minutes). Begin painting immediately.

TIP: Apply activated dry erase paint within 60 minutes of mixing.

Step 4: Paint and Dry

Painting the Dry Erase Frames on Wall
You’re ready to apply the dry erase paint to the marked areas of your wall. Take your high quality foam roller and start rolling dry erase paint until the area is covered. Use light, even strokes to ensure a smooth finish.

Wait 10-15 minutes then apply a second coat. Repeat a third time on darker surfaces. After 1 hour, remove the painter’s tape that was used to mask the area.

Allow the dry erase surface to cure for three days before applying any markings. Hang your frames over the painted dry erase areas and begin to enjoy your new communication surface!

To maintain your surface, use dry erase cleaner to remove any markings that might remain following erasing.

To further enhance our mudroom makeover, we coated the mudroom floor with RockSolid Metallic Concrete Floor Coating in Silver Bullet and painted our frames and wire baskets in Painter’s Touch Ultra Cover 2x in Satin Fire Orange and Stone Gray Satin.

Completed Dry Erase Frame Station

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