DIY Wedding Candle Holders


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DIY Wedding Candle Holders

These DIY wedding candle holders are inexpensive and fun to make, and they’ll add and elegant look to your wedding reception. We used decorative metal sheet to create them.

Follow along with our step-by-step tutorial to make your own DIY wedding candle holders.

DIY Wedding Candle Holders

Materials for DIY Wedding Candle Holders

Step 1: Measure and Mark

DIY Wedding Candle Holders

Lay your piece of hobby sheet on a flat surface. Place the size candle you will be using in a lower corner, leaving enough room on the edges to wrap the candle for full coverage. Here we’re using flameless LED candles, since these candle holders did not have a base to catch wax.

Tip: When marking your placement, leave 1½ mosaic designs from the top of your candle to the placement to cut. You will go back and create a decorative edge around the top later, and this will give you enough room to work with.

Step 2: Cut Hobby Sheet

DIY Wedding Candle Holders

Using the Duckbill Napping Shears, cut along the line you marked for placement. We highly recommend using these shears when working with metal sheeting as they cut through the sheets with ease and make crafting a lot easier with this tough material!

DIY Wedding Candle Holders

For the second cut you will need to find a similarly shaped item that is slightly larger than your candle. We used a can of spray paint as it was also round and the circumference was larger than the candle. Take your cut strip and wrap it around the paint can, leaving yourself some extra room for the cut. Mark the area and cut with duckbill shears.

Step 3: Fasten

DIY Wedding Candle Holders

Cut a small strip of hobby wire and loop it through the decorative mosaic where the edges meet.

Twist the hobby wire until it creates a tight seam and cut off excess.

Step 4: Cut Top

DIY Wedding Candle Holders

Using your Duckbill Shears, cut the half mosaics and in-between for a more decorative element. Go piece by piece, and afterwards go back to clean up the edges. Don’t be concerned if your full mosaics need to bend a little to get your desired cut, they will bend back into place.

Step 5: Paint

DIY Wedding Candle Holders

Apply an even coat of paint to desired candle holders. Spray the paint from a short distance to avoid pooling of the paint. For best results, move the can of paint from one side to another at a steady pace while the can is at a distance. We used Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint on some of the candle holders and kept the antique brass finish for others.

Allow paint to dry before use.

Step 6: Set the Table and Enjoy

DIY Wedding Candle Holders

We grouped the candles around the centerpiece on both sides of the tables.

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