DIY Spruce Wall Art

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DIY Spruce Wall Art

Surprise guests with these simple DIY spruce wall art hangings. These one-of-a-kind Christmas decorations are easy to make, and they create a big, festive impression where ever they hang.

Just follow our simple step-by-step tutorial to create your DIY spruce wall art pieces.

DIY Spruce Wall Art


DIY Spruce Wall Art

Step 1

Start off by painting or staining two-to-three pieces of wood. While the paint is drying, trim a few spruce branches to be slightly larger than the size of the wood canvas.

DIY Spruce Wall Art

Step 2

Once the paint is dry, lay out the design of the spruce art by placing branches along with berries on the wood canvas.

Placing the spruce branches diagonally across the frame usually looks best.

DIY Spruce Wall Art

Step 3

Once you’re pleased with the layout – get gluing!

Affix spruce by the branch to the wood with generous amounts of glue.

Be sure to steer clear of gluing the needles to the canvas. You want the branches to stand out from the frame, which will add dimension and a little drama to your holiday wall hanging.

Add in the berries for a pop of color. Add them in several small clumps of berries to look natural.

DIY Spruce Wall Art

Step 4

Hang your DIY spruce wall art canvases on an open wall in the entryway, over a desk or serving table, or any place in your home where you’d like to create a festive atmosphere.

Light a Glade scented candle to add a holiday scent to your Christmas wall art.

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