DIY Snowflake Yard Decoration

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DIY Snowflake Yard Decoration

If you enjoy decorating for the holidays as much as celebrating them with family and friends, then this DIY nowflake project is for you. With just a few Dremel tools and some wooden fence pickets, you can create a winter wonderland, complete with several of these snowflake yard decorations.

Follow along with our step-by-step tutorial to make this outdoor holiday décor you’ll use year after year.

Materials Needed for DIY Snowflake Yard Decoration

Materials Needed

Step 1: Measure, Mark & Cut Bottom

Measure, mark and using the Dremel Ultra Saw, cut off the bottom section of the Gothic fence pickets so that you end up with eight pieces that are 22½-in. long (the decorative portion), then set them aside. Keep the scraps, as you’ll use them in the next step.

NOTE: When cutting wood, always clamp it down to a stable work surface. Wear safety glasses, ear plugs and work gloves as your tools require.

DIY Snowflake Yard Decoration

DIY Snowflake Yard Decoration

Step 2: Assemble Infrastructure of Snowflake

Lay four of the scrap pieces into a “number symbol” or “hashtag” configuration (this symbol: #). Attach the pieces together with wood glue, then secure them with 1¼-in. galvanized nails.

Step 3: Lacing the Decorative Pickets Into A Snowflake

Using four decorative boards, create a cross, interweaving the boards into the “number symbol” you built in Step 2.

Attach them with wood glue, then secure them with nails.

Next, take the remaining four decorative pickets, and create another cross that lies diagonally from the one you just built, and secure it like the first–with wood glue, then nails.

DIY Snowflake Yard Decoration

DIY Snowflake Yard Decoration

Step 4: Paint Snowflake

Using Behr Premium Plus EXTERIOR paint in Ultra Pure White, paint the snowflake, getting into all the nooks and crannies, then allow it to dry.

Dry time varies depending on environment.

DIY Snowflake Yard Decoration

Step 5: Give it a Weathered Look

We like the time-worn look, so we weathered the snowflake by sanding off some of the white paint on the edges using the Dremel Multi-max Tool with a 220-grit sanding attachment.

DIY Snowflake Yard Decoration

Step 6: Etch Decorative Lines

Next, using the Dremel 4200 we added some simple etching along the decorative pickets, to give the snowflake a more intricate look.

DIY Snowflake Yard Decoration

Step 7: Attach Garden Stake

Lastly, attach a 1-in. x 2-in. wooden stake to the back of the snowflake with 1½-in. galvanized nails. We painted ours with Behr Premium Plus EXTERIOR paint in Graphic Charcoal.

DIY Snowflake Yard Decoration

Now enjoy this lovely, DIY snowflake yard decoration.

DIY Snowflake Yard Decoration

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