DIY Shelves and a Storage Closet Makeover

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DIY Shelves And A Storage Closet Makeover

We don’t know anyone who isn’t looking for ways to use every square inch of their homes. That’s why we’re mighty impressed with the recent storage closet makeover by lifestyle blogger Destiny Alfonso.

She says for the longest time, it was one of those “everyone’s coming over, I don’t have a place to put it, just stuff it in the closet” spaces. But after she worked her DIY magic, it’s a closet she doesn’t mind guests actually seeing inside.

Destiny writes about DIY, decor and entertaining on her blog Just Destiny. Her closet makeover is part of our ongoing DIY Challenge series. We challenged some of our favorite DIY bloggers to come up with a great home improvement project starting with a specific building material– in this case, plywood.

Read on to see how Destiny planned and executed her amazing hallway closet makeover.

We love to throw parties, and each year we host Thanksgiving for our family and friends, which has left us with a collection of servingware, dishes and decor that need storage. We have a large garage, but I needed a place to access my things at a moment’s notice. But, as you can see below, the storage closet was pretty dysfunctional. The closet needed a serious makeover.

Destiny's storage closet before its makeover

So I headed to my local Home Depot and picked up some supplies to build some pretty and functional shelves out of the most versatile material, plywood. This project is super easy and the perfect project for those who are feeling out the whole DIY thing. If you’re not comfortable with making your cuts, measure before and have your local Home Depot do all the cuts for you! Then all you have to do is assemble!

For this project I used the following supplies:

Step 1

To get started, I used tape to eyeball where I wanted the shelves to hang. I also wanted to be sure to leave enough space for my cake plates and larger pieces. After that, I located the studs on my wall to insure that my shelves would be well-supported. Then, I used a laser level to mark a straight line. After that, I installed my brackets using a screw and my driver for a nice fit.

DIY Shelves and a Storage Closet Makeover

DIY Shelves and a Storage Closet Makeover

Drilling holes to hang shelf brackets Hanging shelf brackets Hanging shelf brackets

Hanging shelf brackets

Step 2

*Tip: Check Step 5 before you proceed. I highly recommend painting your shelves at this point, especially if they are going into a smaller space.

Next I took my wood glue and applied an even amount on top of each bracket. Then, I took the shelf and placed it on top of the brackets. Make sure you press down for a nice secure fit. I used some items around the house to hold them down.

*Tip: For even more support, use your nail gun or wood screws to secure the shelf onto the bracket. My brackets called for shorter screws because of the style of them, but you can use wood screws according to your bracket style as well.

Step 3

To hide the plywood edge, I added some MDF trim, primed and ready to paint, to the fronts of the shelves. It also gives the shelves a thicker look that I prefer! Use your nail gun to secure each piece in place, making sure not to shoot through the tops of the shelves. Not that I did that or anything:0) Use your miter saw to make the necessary cuts for your particular shelf.

Adding trim to DIY shelves

Adding trim to DIY shelves

Adding trim to DIY shelves

Repeat this process for each shelf.

Adding trim to DIY shelves

Step 4

After all the shelves were up, I filled all those nail holes! It’s not the funnest part, but it’s very necessary. I simply put some filler on my finger and dabbed it into each hole.

I love Patch Plus filler because it drys fast, has a built in primer and is paintable! Once it dries, take your sandpaper and sand down each hole until it’s even with the shelf surface. After that clean it with a tack cloth to pick up any dust that was left over.

Patch Plus Filler

Step 5

Next I applied paint to the tops and sides of the shelves. I always forget to paint before. In this case I do recommenced painting your shelves before you put them into a tight space like this. It’s just easier, and you will avoid touch ups. I ended up leaving the bottoms exposed so you have a fun peek at the exposed plywood, which adds a natural element to the space!

Painting DIY Shelves

 Looking good, if I do say so myself!

DIY Shelves After Painting

Step 6

The last step was to let everything dry and add all my items. As you can see, I definitely didn’t lack for items to put on the shelves!

DIY Shelves and a Storage Closet Makeover DIY Shelves and a Storage Closet Makeover

 I love how it turned out! Perfectly organized spaces make me so happy. My hubby said it looked like a store! I could totally shop the house with things looking like this!

After leaving her job as a first grade teacher to raise her children, Destiny Alfonso quickly found a passion for all things home and started blogging to share with other home enthusiasts. Read her DIY, decorating and entertaining ideas on her blog Just Destiny. She lives with her husband and three children in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Destiny received a Home Depot gift card to complete her storage closet makeover. The ideas and opinions she expressed are her own.