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Sawhorse table set ready for outdoor entertaining

Family and decor blogger Paula Coldiron put together a delightful harvest-themed outdoor entertaining space for our Halloween Style Challenge. She created a sawhorse table for the space that’s easy to set up, take down and store. Here’s a tutorial showing how you can build this simple sawhorse table yourself. 

We live in a small neighborhood, with a perfectly smaller home, and an even smaller yard. This means we try to take advantage of both our indoor and outdoor spaces while entertaining. With the addition of our kitchen garden, a playset for the kids, a fire pit, and a patio that we hope to have become a lounging spot within the next six months means that we simply do not have the space for an outdoor dining area, despite our love of entertaining. We went back and forth whether we wanted to invest in lounge-like furniture or a dining set, in the end the lounging area won out. Of course, this did not deter my vision for dining in the garden; this just meant that when this Style Challenge came upon me, I knew I could get creative! This is where the sawhorse dining table came into play and made for an easy DIY.

Supplies for a sawhorse table DIY project

For this DIY sawhorse table, you’ll need the following supplies:

  • Hollow core door
  • 2 2x4s cut into 27 ¼ inch pieces (this will yield 8 legs)
  • 1 2×4 cut down to about 1.5x2x35 inch pieces
  • 2 packs of sawhorse brackets
  • Spray paint (optional)
  • Sealant (optional)
  • Paint brush

Slide first piece of wood into the bracket

To begin, slide the first 27 ¼ inch piece into the sawhorse bracket.

Slide second 2x4 into bracket

Next, slide the second 2×4 into the bracket. Repeat with all four brackets.

Place both pieces of wood vertically so top piece is level with bracket

Place both pieces of wood vertically so top piece is level with bracket.

Squeeze legs apart to form a tight grip

Squeeze legs apart to form a tight grip.

You're left with one saw horse

Now you have one saw horse!

You’ll need two for this table.

First measure 10 inches from bottom

For the painted legs, first mark off 10 inches from the bottom of each 27 ¼ inch board.

Mark on all 4 sides

Mark on all four sides.

Use painters tape to mark off wood

Use painters tape to mark off wood.

Line up your wood in a well-ventilated area

Line up your wood on a drop cloth and in a well-ventilated area.

Spray paint legs, careful not to get overspray on the bare wood

Carefully spray paint the bottom of your table legs. Angle the spray down so overspray doesn’t get on the bare portions of the legs.

Carefully remove tape

After you’ve removed the tape, wait one hour before coating with an outdoor urethane.

Seal door with an outdoor urethane

Finally, seal your door with an outdoor urethane.

DIY Sawhorse table from Paula of Two Ellie

This table can easily be stored in our garage when not in use. All the pieces are so easy to assemble and take apart on a whim. Even the kids helped with the set up!

When Paula isn’t raising two children, gardening and decorating, she runs Kellen Jacob Photography with her husband in Birmingham, Alabama. Two Ellie is her online journal of inspiration and ideas.

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