DIY Rustic Wedding Backdrop


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DIY Rustic Wedding Backdrop

This DIY rustic wedding backdrop would be a cute addition to your wedding decor. It adds a vintage look to the scene, and it would be a natural backdrop for a photo booth or a guest book table. The decorative cabinet knobs and picture frames help create the old-fashioned look that goes with the distressed look of the wood panels.

We’ll show you how to make this cute wedding backdrop wall in this step-by-step tutorial.

Vintage-Look Wedding Backdrop

Materials for DIY Rustic Wedding Backdrop



Cut List

  • 3 – 1 x 4@ 29½ in.
  • 2- 2 x 4@ 4ft with 45 degree angled edges
  • 2- 2 x 4@ 4ft
  • 1- 2 x 4@12¼ in.

Step 1: Measure and Cut Wood

DIY Rustic Wedding Backdrop

Measure and mark your 1 x 3 x 6 select pine for three boards at 29½ in. length. Use a miter saw make your cuts.

DIY Rustic Wedding Backdrop

Two boards will require cuts at a 45-degree angle on both edges. Be sure to line up the edge of the wood and set your miter saw to 45 degrees before making this cut.

Once all cuts are complete, lightly sand the boards to eliminate the rough edges.

Step 2: Measure and Layout Boards for Frame

DIY Rustic Wedding Backdrop

To begin making your frame, start by taking all 10 of your 1 x 6 x 6 ft. pine boards and lay them out in a straight line. Keep the boards nice and tight, and if possible use a triangle at the base of each board to check alignment.

DIY Rustic Wedding Backdrop

Next take three pieces of 1 x 4 cut to 29½ in., and place the first board along the bottom edge and the second board 1½ in. from the top edge. With the third board you will need to measure your placement to ensure the 45-degree angled boards fit onto center of your angled cut.

Since we cut 4 ft. boards at 45 degrees, the base hit at 39¾ in.

Tip: To double check your measurement of the center board take the angled piece and rest the bottom angle flat on the ground. Use a measuring tape from the ground to the center of the top angled cut. This measurement is where you should place your center board if it varies from our measurement of 39¾ in.

Step 3: Attach the Frame

DIY Rustic Wedding Backdrop

Using a brad nailer and 1¼ in. brad nails, attach the top, center and bottom board to only the left and right outer edge boards. This creates the frame that you will attach the rest of your 1 x 6 x 6 ft. boards to.

Once you have attached the two outer boards, remove the interior eight boards and flip the frame to look like the photo above, and apply wood glue to the top, center and base frame boards.

Step 4: Attach Interior Boards

DIY Rustic Wedding Backdrop

Take your remaining eight interior boards, and lay them out tightly between the far right and left frame boards. If possible, use a triangle to check alignment. Use your brad nailer to attach the remaining interior boards.

Step 5: Attach Angled Boards

DIY Rustic Wedding Backdrop

This part of the project is much easier with two people helping. Have your partner hold the full plank wall upright. Slot one angled board roughly 1 ft. to the inside of the plank wall. While your partner is securely holding the plank wall, use a drill and 2½ in. wood screws to attach the angled board to the plank wall. Repeat this process for the opposite side.

Once you have the two angled boards secured into the plank wall, the unit will stand on its own. However, we recommend cutting and adding an additional board to run flat between the bottom two angled boards for more stability. When you are finished your plank wall should look like the one shown below.

DIY Rustic Wedding Backdrop

Step 6: Stain the Wood Planks

DIY Rustic Wedding Backdrop

Now, we’ll create the distressed look of the wood planks.

Apply the Classic Gray stain in the direction of the wood grain over the entire plank wall with a brush or a clean cloth.

We wanted a dark stain, so we allowed it to sit for 10 minutes and added a second coat. If needed, remove excess stain with a clean cloth before moving on to the next step.

Step 7: Wax the Stained Planks

DIY Rustic Wedding Backdrop

Take a clean rag and apply the wax sporadically, hitting any areas that you know you want to reveal. Random strokes creates a truer rustic feel to your final piece. Using uneven strokes along the front, sides, tops and edges can help better achieve the desired distressed look.

Step 8: Paint the Planks

DIY Rustic Wedding Backdrop

Apply the paint liberally throughout the entire plank wall, including the areas where you applied the wax. We used Behr Marquee Moonlit Beach because of the romantic blush undertone of the creamy white paint. Cover the entire plank wall. When painting, try to move in the direction of the wood grain.

Allow paint to fully dry before moving onto the next step.

Step 9: Sand the Planks

DIY Rustic Wedding Backdrop

Now for the fun part— making freshly painted wood look like it’s peeling.

Use a 120 grit sanding block to lightly sand the plank wall. As you sand the paint off the waxy areas, the paint may remove easily but not fully peel off. Add moderate pressure to brush these areas with the sanding block and fully remove the peeled excess.

Tip: If you are not getting the desired distressed look with a sanding block, try using an orbital sander with a high grit sanding paper and moderate pressure. (You can rent an orbital sander at The Home Depot.)

Step 10: Paint Decorative Frames

DIY Rustic Wedding Backdrop

Now add decorative frames and lanterns as props for the plank wall. They originally came in an off white finish, so we wanted to differentiate by spray painting three different colors: French Cream, Oil Rubbed Bronze, and Champagne Mist.

Apply an even coat of paint to each decorative piece from a short distance to avoid pooling of the paint. For best results, move the can of paint from one side to another at a steady pace while keeping the can at a distance.

Allow the decorative frames to dry before moving onto the next step.

Step 11: Layout Frames & Mark Placement

DIY Rustic Wedding Backdrop

Start with your largest frame, and offset the center of the plank wall. Next take each piece of decorative frames and begin holding them against you’re plank wall to determine placement.

DIY Rustic Wedding Backdrop

Once you’ve determined a location of a frame, mark the placement where you want it to hang.

You can do this two ways.

  • You can mark placement of the frame hanging from a piece of twine, and your judgement on distance from hanging knob to frame.
  • You can mark the placement of where you want the interior edge for the top of the frame where your frame will hang directly from the knob.

Step 12: Predrill and Install Hardware

DIY Rustic Wedding Backdrop

Using a 5/32-in. drill bit, pre-drill the holes you’ve marked during placement. You will do this through the front of the plank wall.

Your cabinet hardware will come with 1 in. and 1-5/8 in. installation screws. For the materials we purchased, the 1 in. screw worked best in most areas, but if the placement falls over the added boards to the frame, the 1-5/8 in. screw was longer and reached through the plank wall to the cabinet hardware threading.

DIY Rustic Wedding Backdrop

Move to the back of the plank wall. Use a drill to screw the installation hardware in through the plank wall. When you have the back of the screw flush with the back of the plank wall you can move back to the front of the plank wall and screw on the cabinet hardware piece.

To keep the theme of romantic outdoor wedding, I chose to use the Glass Crystal Knob, Fluted Glass Knob, Clear Glass Knob, and the Bubble Glass Knob on my plank wall. The glass knobs elegantly sparkled in the streaming sunlight, while adding just a touch of whimsy.

Step 12: Prop and Enjoy

DIY Rustic Wedding Backdrop

We added some additional props to our plank wall, including vases and florals. Our plank wall was a great additional feature for a spring outdoor wedding, and we loved that the removable frames acted as props for our guests!

DIY Rustic Wedding Backdrop

DIY Rustic Wedding Backdrop

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