DIY Ring Toss Game Made from Copper Pipe

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DIY Ring Toss Game Made from Copper Pipe

Paula Coldiron and her family have had a very complicated summer. We’ll let her tell the story, but let’s just say she and her family were probably ready for a little outdoor family fun… like, say, playing an outdoor game of ring toss. 

Paula is a remarkably creative woman. You’ll immediately recognize that when you take a look at her blog,  Two Ellie. We asked her (before her recent craziness started) to take part in our Outdoor Games Style Challenge. The series challenges some of our favorite design and DIY bloggers to build a new backyard game, or re-create a game we all know using materials from The Home Depot.

She has some very clever ideas on how to make a backyard ring toss game. The DIY is quite easy, and resulting game, as you can see in the photos, is a lot of fun for the whole family. Read on to see how she created her DIY ring toss game.

But first, her weird summer… 

There are so many great attributes of summer… kids are out of school, sleeping in, long breakfasts around the table, afternoon naps, pool days, I really could go on and on. I would have to say my most favorite though is the ability to have an impromptu get together with friends. School activities and sports are no longer an issue plus there are no worries of the kids getting up grumpy for school. It really is a win for all.

This summer has been a bit different for us. We are in the midst of a move. Not far from our current home, but hectic none the less.

We started the summer with packing then a family trip to Colorado for a wedding. While away our current home flooded, and needless to say that is never fun.

We then began the few week process of living out of the same suitcases we took to Colorado until our new rental home was ready for us. In the meantime we had the pleasure of bunking at my parents’ house out of town, then some dear friends went on vacation and offered their home to us.

This also meant our get-togethers could resume and my Home Depot challenge game could be put to the test!

DIY Ring Toss Game Made from Copper Pipe

With the many obstacles we were posed with for this summer challenge I knew ultimately the game had to be portable.

As we browsed Home Depot, KJ, our son, came across some fun copper pipes. He first used them as swords, but then my “aha” moment came. The pipes reminded me of horseshoes. We LOVE the game of horseshoes, but it can be dangerous with a house full of kids.

The next best thing? A ring toss game of course!

3TWOELLIE.HOMEDEPOT.7.1.14 (70 of 91) DIY Ring Toss Game Made from Copper Pipe

DIY Ring Toss Game Made from Copper Pipe

I used copper pipe for the ring toss pegs. The three shorter copper pipes you see in the photos came as a standard length at The Home Depot. The two taller ones were made from a 5-ft. pipe that a Home Depot associate cut in half for me in store.

The rings are made up of vinyl-coated metal cable that I had cut into 2-ft. increments. The metal rope comes on a big spool, but you can buy only as much as you need. I also picked up a few spools of fun neon duct tape and a spool of yellow electrical tape.

DIY Ring Toss Game Made from Copper Pipe

DIY Ring Toss Game Made from Copper Pipe

DIY Ring Toss Game Made from Copper Pipe

We then spent the evening as a family creating the game.

Daughter Ellie and I tag-teamed with the wrapping of the poles with tape to give them spunk.

The Mister and KJ took the lengths of wire rope and wrapped them to create rings. You may be able to tell from the photo who’s ring is whose, but they threw equally well even if they have a little bit of bend.

To drive the poles into the ground, we simply used the back end of an ax– that’s what our friends had on hand– but a mallet would be perfect for the job. We got them deep enough that they felt secure and did not bend easily.

DIY Ring Toss Game Made from Copper Pipe

Paula Coldiron's DIY Picnic Blanket

DIY Ring Toss Game Made from Copper Pipe

Playing backyard ring toss and enjoying snacks on a DIY picnic blanket

The next day we had friends over and got to playing.

We  served snacks on my DIY picnic blanket as we all took turns playing a round. It really is a game that can be enjoyed by all ages. The misters of the group took the game pretty seriously, and my girlfriend and I needed way more practice, apparently.

DIY Ring Toss Game Made from Copper Pipe

After pulling the pipes out of the ground, I stuck them in a tote bag and kept the rings together with a carabiner I found in the rope section of Home Depot.

This game is now a permanent fixture at our new home and I could not be any more giddy for the many nights that will be had outside having fun.

When Paula Coldiron isn’t busy raising her two children, gardening and decorating her home near Birmingham, Alabama, she runs Kellen Jacob Photography with her husband. Two Ellie is her online journal of inspiration and ideas.

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Paula received a Home Depot gift card to complete her DIY ring toss game. The ideas and opinions she expressed are her own.