DIY Project: Space-Saving Herb Garden

Laura Sullivan

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flower pots with herbs hanging on a vertical trellis

Vertical Gardening has been quite the trend in the last few years. From salad gardens built on hanging wooden planks to the inventive use of hanging shoe organizers. And why not? It is the classic cook’s conundrum: You want to have fresh herbs at arm’s reach, but you haven’t got the space for an entire herb garden—or you live in an apartment with very little outdoor space. So, we created our own simple DIY solution that props your herb garden up with basic yard lattice.

What you’ll need:

Step 1

Spray the stirrers with a color of your choice. You can use also use any acrylic house paint you’ve got lying around.

planting sticks painted blue

Step 2

Stencil the names of the herbs on to the stirrers.

stencils and planting sticks

Step 3

Pot your herbs in the plastic pots with potting soil.

overhead shot of herbs in pot

Step 4

Make sure your herb markers are in place.

herb plants on apartment balcony

Step 5

Grab some “S” hooks.


Step 6

Position two “S” hooks under the lip of a pot, about 1½ inches apart.  Clip onto the lattice frame, which should be positioned in the well-lit area where you’d like your herbs.

pot hooked on to trellis

Step 7

Continue until you’ve finished all of the pots. Give your new garden a watering.

vertical garden completed

 We noticed recently that Mya of the blog Mya’s Musings completed this project, with a few modifications. She did a great job. Take a look at her version of this vertical garden project.

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