DIY Paver Stone Bench with Concrete Foundation

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DIY Paver Stone Bench with Concrete Foundation

Concrete can be the magic ingredient to all sorts of projects, as we’re seeing in our Cement DIY Challenge series here on The Home Depot Blog. In this case the concrete isn’t visible. Ashley Mahoney of Ashley Ella Design created a foundation for the paver stone bench kit she built in her backyard.

The bench looks great, and with the simple concrete foundation, it will stay level and sturdy for years to come. Read on to see how she built the paver stone bench and to see just how easy it was to create the concrete foundation.

Paver Stone Bench with Concrete Foundation

This paver stone bench project started with a brilliant idea from my stepdad actually– the concrete foundation. If there are two people in our family who always have a project going on it’s me and him. We really made a perfect pair for this idea!

Side note: If you need a solid lifting workout, this is the project for you! If you don’t, I’m sure you know some teenage boys who do.

DIY Paver Stone Bench with Concrete Foundation


OK, so first thing we did was mark out our territory. Did the pre-planning of the project, flagged off the areas for the two stone pillars and made sure we were all even with the house. The Home Depot provides such great resources for projects like this RumbleStone bench kit.

DIY Paver Stone Bench with Concrete Foundation

After careful planning and plotting, we set off to for our first Home Depot load.

Our first list of supplies looked a little something like this:

That was all our little pickup truck could handle. We knew we’d be back for more.

TIP – Wear work gloves when loading those stones on to a cart and into your vehicle. It will save your hands! Or, ask for assistance. It’s not worth tearing up your hands.

DIY Paver Stone Bench with Concrete Foundation

Pouring Cement for the Concrete Foundation

Back to The Home Depot for the second trip for cement and other accessories! These cement bags are heavy. Again, bring your handy dandy teenager or ask for assistance.

Here are the supplies we snagged on the second trip to The Home Depot:

DIY Paver Stone Bench with Concrete Foundation

DIY Paver Stone Bench with Concrete Foundation

Our next steps looked something like this:

1. Dig two 6-in. square holes. These are the areas for the pillars of the benches.

2. Drop the the first bag of cement in the hole.

3. Spray with water and mix.

DIY Paver Stone Bench with Concrete Foundation

If you’ve ever worked with concrete before, you know that you always need some kind of form to trap your concrete and give it life. So, next we whipped up a form that consisted of a 2-in. x 6-in. board (cut in 2-ft. sections) and some ground stakes. Forms are 2-ft. x 2-ft.

We placed the forms into the ground and added 2 to 3 more bags of concrete. This amount depends on how deep you dig your hole to begin with.

Repeat these steps for creating the second concrete slab. This is a full days work! We let both slabs sit overnight and were ready to rock for day 2.

DIY Paver Stone Bench with Concrete Foundation

DIY Paver Stone Bench with Concrete Foundation

Building the Paver Stone Bench

Day 2 consisted of stacking stones! We did a “dry stack” first (see above) to get the perfect placement. Trip number three to Home Depot included some finishing touches:

The last step was to begin stacking those bad boys (more lifting!). For instructions on how to stack the stones check out this guide.

Once you’ve done a dry stack, you can begin using the adhesive. How many tubes you need is completely dependent on how much you use per stone. These stones are heavy and they aren’t really going anywhere but a little adhesive never hurt… just in case.

And the final product… drum roll please!

My stepdad went in and added some extra paver stones in front of the bench for a little extra pizazz!

This little project included:

  • 40 Large pavers

  • 33 Medium pavers

  • 35 Small pavers

  • 1 bucket of PermaSand

Happy DIY’ing friends!

This paver stone bench project is part of our Cement DIY Challenge series here on The Home Depot Blog. We challenged some of our favorite DIY and decor bloggers to come up with a DIY projects using cement.

Ashley Mahoney is an interior designer who loves DIY, crafts and cooking. She blogs at Ashley Ella Design.

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