DIY Paneled Staircase

Courtney Clymer

Article Posted By: Courtney Clymer

of Lifestyled Atlanta


This paneled staircase adds so much elegance to the home. Courtney Clymer of Lifestyled Atlanta designed the look, and her husband did the work.

Courtney shows us how they installed the paneling, and then as a bonus gives us a look at the gorgeous Christmas decorations she up along the new paneled staircase.

DIY Paneled Staircase

My staircase has gone through a LOT of changes since we first moved in; Initially I painted the banister white and the wall gray. Then last year, I got on a navy kick and decided to paint the staircase a royal navy color.

The Old Staircase


I loved the pop of color, but didn’t love how dark it made everything.

The New Paneled Staircase


I decided to do square paneling to add some interest without being overwhelming, and I absolutely love how it turned out!

I ended up removing the staircase railing to do the work, and decided not to put it back on. I love how clean the paneling looks, and we have a railing on the other side, so we decided it was unnecessary.

Further proof that my husband Harrison can do anything! He finished this project in two days and did such an amazing job; he truly has an ability to bring all my visions to life – after a little bit of pushback of course ;)

Step 1


First, we bought 1 x 4 x 8 ft. pine board moulding from The Home Depot, along with some wood putty, and caulk.

We did the vertical pieces and secured them with a nail gun

Step 2


Then, we brought each horizontal piece out from the baseboard to make everything super symmetrical. We nailed those on with a nail gun, too.

Step 3

After that, we filled the nail holes with wood putty and put caulk around each board to make it flow with the wall behind it.

Step 4

Finally, paint!



I love how you can hang things in each square depending on what season it is.

Since we completed this project during the holidays, I went with classic boxwood wreaths. How CUTE are these guys? They also come with a stand if you don’t want to hang them.


I also did garland on the opposite railing.


This is now my favorite wall in the house. The squares feel a little more modern to me than traditional wainscoting, and they really create a focal point.


I love my new paneled staircase thanks to The Home Depot! This is something I’ll definitely be recommending in clients’ homes as well. We got it done just in time for our annual Christmas party, and it makes for a VERY Merry Christmas in the Clymer house!

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