DIY Outdoor Water Fountain Made with Terra Cotta Pots

Outdoor Water Fountain

Adding an outdoor fountain is a great way to make your backyard or deck more relaxing. The sound of the trickling water will melt away stress and mask the sound of traffic or other intrusive noises. This terra cotta pot fountain will also add a lovely visual point in your outdoor space.

To build your own DIY outdoor water fountain, follow these step-by-step instructions.

How to Build the Outdoor Fountain

DIY Outdoor Water Fountain: Tools


DIY Outdoor Water Fountain: Materials


Step 1: Fill Large Planter Hole with Epoxy

Begin by sealing any holes in your largest planter with the epoxy putty. The bottom planter needs to be completely water tight for the proper operation of the fountain.

Outdoor Water Fountain: Apply Epoxy

Place the pump in the base of the large planter. Connect the flexible tube leaving yourself plenty of excess tubing for the moment.

Outdoor Water Fountain: Add Pump

Step 2: Glue Support Pot and Drill Lip Notch

Center the 10 in. support pot on the 12 in. saucer, center it and glue it into place using the construction adhesive. Once the adhesive has set, use the saw to cut a small notch into the lip of the pot. The notch should be big enough to allow the power cord of the pump to pass through.

Outdoor Water Fountain: Drill Notch

Outdoor Water Fountain: Check Fit of Hose

Step 3: Drill Holes for Tubing

Next, flip the support pot and saucer assembly upside down, and drill a hole in the center of the saucer just large enough to allow the flexible tube to pass through.

Repeat Steps 2 and 3 for the next support pot and saucer. Drill through or increase the diameter of the center holes of the middle and top tier planters.

Outdoor Water Fountain: Drill Holes

Step 5: Insert Support Assembly

Route the flexible tube through the first support assembly. Place the support assembly into the large base planter taking care to make sure the power cord passes through the notch and drapes over the lip of the large planter.

Outdoor Water Fountain

Step 6: Complete Fountain Assembly

Thread the flexible tube through the middle tier planter and slide it into place.

Outdoor Water Fountain: Complete Assembly

If the tube fits snugly through the hole you drilled, then there’s no need to seal around it. If the pass-through is loose, then seal around it with construction adhesive.

Thread the second support assembly, finishing with the top tier planter.

Outdoor Water Fountain: Complete Assembly II

Outdoor Water Fountain: Complete Assembly III

Step 7: Move the Fountain Outside and Check for Square

Move the fountain to your garden, deck or wherever you choose for its final home. To make sure the water cascades evenly out of the planters use a level to check for square, and adjust as necessary.

Outdoor Water Fountain: Check for Square

Step 9: Install Flow Control

Fill the bottom two planters with stones, then cut the flexible tube just short of the lip of the top planter. Install the flow control onto the tube. Make sure the flow control is turned to its lowest setting as it will be adjusted in a later step.

Outdoor Water Fountain: Cut Tubing

Step 8: Fill the Outdoor Fountain Completely with Stones

Cover the lower and middle saucers with the beach stones. For the best look, make sure the stones reach the lips of the terra cotta pots. Fill the top planter with stones till it stops just below the flow control.

Outdoor Water Fountain: Fill with Stones

Step 9: Fill the Fountain with Water and Enjoy

Fill the bottom planter completely full of water and plug in the pump. As the pump sends the water up, adjust the flow control knob to your preferred rate of flow. When that is complete, fill the remainder of the top planter with stones keeping the hose as centered as possible.

Add water as needed to make sure that the levels of each planter stay consistent.

Outdoor Water Fountain: Fill with Water

Now kick back, relax and enjoy your outdoor fountain.

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