DIY Laundry Basket

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 DIY Laundry Basket Tutorial

Here’s a fun project to help you streamline your household chores. It’s a simple DIY laundry basket that will make throwing your laundry in the wash a little bit easier! Just follow the step-by-step instructions. 

DIY Laundry Basket Tutorial from The Home Depot

Materials Needed for DIY Laundry Basket

Materials for this DIY Laundry Basket:

DIY Laundry Basket:  Staining the pine base

Step 1

The first step for this project is to stain your pine round. Keep in mind it will take a few hours of drying time, preferably overnight if  you plan ahead. It’s much easier to tackle this first step the day before so you’re not waiting around for drying time.

DIY Laundry Basket: Find a spot halfway out from the center

DIY Laundry Basket: Placing the casters

DIY Laundry Basket: Attaching the casters

DIY Laundry Basket with casters attached

Step 2

Next, attach the casters.

Flip over the pine round and find the middle point. Then measure halfway out from the center, and mark the spot. That’s where you’ll attach one of the screws for your caster.

Do this for the three other casters. I just eyeballed it to place the four casters evenly around the circle. But you could use a framing square to ensure you have the casters exactly on the imaginary north, south, east and west compass points.

DIY Laundry Basket: Attaching Hardware Cloth

Step 3

The third step is to attach the hardware cloth to the pine round with a staple gun. The hardware cloth is so tightly wound in its packaging, it makes it easy to wrap it around the pine round. It stays in place and stands up straight very well.

DIY Laundry Basket: Attaching Hardware Cloth

The first few staples are the hardest to secure. I decided I wanted a little bit of hardware cloth to show on the bottom, so I picked the second line of squares to attach all my staples.

DIY Laundry Basket: Trimming the ends of the hardware cloth

Step 4

Lastly, let a few inches of hardware cloth overlap to secure the shape and snip with pliers or tin snips. Tin snips work better!

DIY Laundery Basket

DIY Laundery Basket

Step 5

It’s almost done! Grab a large laundry bag and wheel your new laundry basket to its new home.

It’ll be a breeze to wheel your dirty laundry from the closet to the laundry room.

DIY Laundery Basket

DIY Laundery Basket

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