DIY Hook Rack Using Cabinet Knobs


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DIY Hook Rack Using Cabinet Knobs

This eclectic DIY hook rack is so cute. Since you can choose what cabinet knobs to use, you can match your decor and express your own style. It’s quite practical, too. Hang it in your bedroom or closet to hold scarves and necklaces. Choose smaller cabinet knobs or draw pulls, and you could hang keys and other small items from it. It’s an easy project. Just follow these step-by-step instructions to create your own DIY hook rack.

How to Make This DIY Hook Rack


Materials Needed for DIY Hook Rack


Step 1: Paint

First, apply an even amount of primer to a small foam roller. Apply the primer using medium pressure across the surface of the wood rack.  Wait for the primer to cure before applying your colored paint.Once the primer has cured, use a different foam rolling brush and apply your colored paint. We chose a warm, neutral gray called Flannel Gray for our rack/hanger base. Grays are known for their ability to effortlessly coordinate with all colors and styles, making Flannel Gray a perfect choice for this eclectic antique rack/hanger.

Step 1 of DIY Hook Rack Tutorial: Paint the Wood Rack

 Step 2: Add Knobs

The unfinished wood rack already comes with four pre-drilled holes to add hooks or knobs for hanging  items, so there is no need to predrill before installation. Your decorative hardware should come with
installation screws.

Use a Phillips screw driver to install your hardware to the rack.

Adding knobs to a DKY hook rack project

Step 3: Install

First, determine where you want to hang your completed hook rack in your home. If the wall does not have studs at the same length as your mounting holes, we recommend using anchors to hang it.

Next, mark the mounting holes location on the wall. Pre-drill the wall with 3/32 in. drill bit, and screw your hook rack to your wall using the screws provided.

Attaching a DIY hook rack to a wall

Step 4: Style and Enjoy!

DIY Hook Rack Using Cabinet Knobs