DIY Hanging Rope Shelf and a Funny Story about a Magic Eraser

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DIY Hanging Rope Shelf

DIY Hanging Rope Shelf

We’ve moved 14 times (in 20 years of being married) and the first two things I want to do when we are in a new place is to feel somewhat organized and to have something pretty that makes a new place feel like home. But before I get to the fun stuff, I always start with some cleaning, because isn’t that what we all do when we are in a new home? At the end of this post I’ve got some hard-earned cleaning tips, but first, let’s talk about this super-simple DIY!

This DIY hanging rope shelf functions as a great little catch-all right next to our porch door. It looks great. I used reclaimed wood for the shelf, which I think really adds to the rustic look. Plus, it was one of the easiest DIY projects I’ve ever done–I want one of these hanging shelves in every room of my house now!

How to Make a Simple DIY Hanging Rope Shelf

Four steps in creating a DIY hanging rope shelf

Step 1

I purchased two equal lengths of rope from The Home Depot.

The associates there will cut the rope into however many lengths you want in any size, and you can purchase it by the foot. I simply measured from the ceiling down to where I wanted the shelf to hang–then I multiplied that by two (since I’m sort of doubling the rope on each side) and added about 18 inches extra to compensate for making two knots–one on the end of each length of rope.

So, if your ceilings are 8 feet high and you want your shelf to hang at around 4 feet off the ground, then you would buy two sections of rope that are each about 9½ feet long.

Step 2

After that, I simply drilled a hole in each corner of my wood plank with a 1-in. drill bit.

We have lots of old wood around our property, but you can purchase new wood planks and have them cut to size at The Home Depot.

Step 3

I measured the distance between the holes I drilled on each side of the wood plank and then marked those out on the ceiling.

Step 4

Then I screwed a screw eye hook into our wood ceiling in the two places I had marked off.

If you have a different type of ceiling, an associate at your Home Depot store will be happy to help you choose the best hanging method.

Rope running through a hook eye in a DIY hanging rope shelf project

Step 5

Run the rope through the screw eye hook until there are equal lengths on either side.

Knot tied in the rope in a DIY hanging shelf project

Step 6

Then, just tie knots on all four corners underneath your piece of wood to secure it.

I had to adjust one of the corners a few times to make it all level but the rope was easy to manipulate. It was easy to make small tweaks so it would all hang correctly. I love how some of the rope ‘tails’ are longer than others.

A finished DIY hanging rope shelf project

A black cat poses in front of a rope and wood hanging shelf

DIY Hanging Rope Shelf

Once I was done, I grabbed my trusty Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and rubbed out any scuff marks that the wood made on the wall as I was hanging it.

Using a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to wipe smudges off a wall

Funny story about Mr. Clean Magic Erasers–my mom tried to use them and told me she didn’t know why everyone loved them so much because they never worked for her. So the next time I was at her house I tried them at her place and they worked great. Mom quietly uttered “ohhhhhhh” while she watched. She didn’t realize they had to be damp to work. Public service announcement: be sure your Magic Erasers are wet!

DIY Hanging Rope Shelf

DIY Hanging Rope Shelf

Such a sweet little hanging rope shelf that instantly makes a new (or old) place feel like home.

A few other quick tips from a moving pro (that’s me!):

Using a Swiffer Duster to clean a hanging light fixture

If the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is your right-hand man, your partner in cleaning your new place crime, then the Swiffer Duster is his cute, fluffy little sister. One of the most forgotten, yet rewarding places to clean is your lighting, so this adorable (and extendable) duster will help make your lighting look all fresh and shiny.

Using Febreze to give drapes a fresh smell

And when you unpack your drapes, they’re all sad and wrinkled. Just hang them up to let the wrinkles naturally fall out and spray them with a few squirts of Febreze to make everyone think that you’ve been slaving away cleaning all day!

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