DIY Hanging Planter (and Three Cleaning Tips) to Freshen Your Home

Mandi Gubler

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DIY Hanging Planter

I’m sharing a few of my favorite cleaning tips and a simple DIY hanging planter project to make your home feel a little more homey.

The first thing that comes to mind when you are looking to freshen your home is wall color. Right!? I mean, that is the first and most impactful way to update a room. Whether you are moving into a new home or feeling the itch to change up your current one, wall color rules the game. My favorite painting prep hack is to use a Swiffer to get all the dust off of your walls before you paint! I’d be willing to bet that a few of you reading this didn’t even think about the invisible dust that is sure to be lurking out of reach. It will ruin your paint job if you just try to go over it, so quickly Swiffering the wall is a fast and easy way to ensure a quality paint job!

My other favorite cleaning hack is to spray Febreze Air Effects directly onto your air filters, which automatically spreads the scent all throughout your house!

Using a Swiffer Sweeper to clean a wall

One of the easiest ways to bring life to a house is with plants (and lots of them!). One great way to display plants is in a hanging planter like the one below. With some simply masonry line, a few dowels and a drill, you can make your own.

DIY Hanging Planter

Materials Needed

Dowels and masonry line used for a DIY hanging planter project

Step 1

Cut your dowels in varying sizes and using your drill bit, drill one hole in each one. If you vary the place on the dowel where the holes are drilled they will stack all willy-nilly and adorable.

On one of the disks drill eight holes; this is going to stabilize your planter.

Masonry line tied through a hole in a dowel to make a DIY hanging planter

Step 2

Measure and cut four pieces of masonry line to twice the length that you want your planter to hang.

Feed your masonry line through one of the disks and center it on your length of cord.

Tie a simple knot.

This will give you eight pieces of line to work with.

Masonry line fed through holes in wooden dowels to make a DIY hanging planter

Step 3

Thread one line through each of the holes that you drilled.

Masonry line fed through holes drilled in various sized dowels to make a DIY hanging planter

Step 4

The next step is to knot your cords together high enough that the planter can fit inside them (so your knot placement will vary based on your planter size)

Add all of the other wooden disks onto the masonry line and secure them by knotting it one more time.

Easy DIY Hanging Planter Tutorial on The Home Depot Blog

Hang your DIY hanging planter and enjoy!!

The plant that I have is called String of Pearls, check the succulent section of your local The Home Depot to find your own!

Chances are that you will get potting soil on the outside of your bowl, so a little tip is to wipe it off with a Bounty paper towel before you put it in the planter.

A Bounty paper towel with a bit of schmutz on it

Easy DIY Hanging Planter Tutorial on The Home Depot Blog

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