DIY Gift Ideas: Coaster Set

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DIY Gift Ideas: Coaster Set

DIY Gift Ideas: Coaster Set

These DIY coasters make an easy gift that can be used year-round. This project is one of our DIY gift ideas that are fun to make and give. You may decide to keep them yourself to add a little sparkle to your holiday table.

We decided to go with a less conventional take on coasters by using uncommon materials– such as decorative aluminum sheets. When you finish this project you’ll want to give this mixed-metallic coaster set as a hostess gift or even use them in your own Christmas parties!

Here are the step-by-step instructions to make this set of four coasters.

DIY Gift Ideas: Materials for a DIY Coaster Set

Materials for this DIY Coaster Project:

DIY Gift Ideas: Tracing Shape for DIY Coaster Set

Step 1:

Since the cork sheet is thin, we stacked two layers of cork for each coaster. So, to make four coasters use a template to trace the desired size of your coaster eight times on the adhesive side of the cork.

You can use a coaster you already own or even make a stencil for a unique shape. We  made round coasters and square ones. For the square coaster set, we marked eight 4″ by 4″ squares with a ruler.

Once you’ve traced your coaster eight times, cut each shape with scissors.

DIY Gift Ideas: Removing Backing from Cork for DIY Coaster Set

DIY Gift Ideas: Sticking Two Cork Sheets Together for Coaster Set

Step 2:

Take two cork cut outs and remove the adhesive backing . Use the adhesive sides to sandwich the two cork pieces together. Repeat this step to create the other three coasters. Once done, you should have a set of four plain cork coasters.

If you’d like thicker coasters, you can add an additional layer of cork lining by using the same pattern you created in Step 1.


DIY Gift Ideas: Spray Painting Cork for Coaster Set

Step 3:

Spray paint your new coasters!

We decided to go with a mixed-metallics theme by painting two coasters gold and the other two silver.

Let paint dry for 1 hour.

DIY Gift Ideas: Tracing Pattern on Aluminum Sheet for Coaster Set

 Step 4:

Once paint is dry, trace your coaster with a pencil on the aluminum sheet.

DIY Gift Ideas: Cutting Aluminum Sheet for Coaster Set

 Step 4:

Use tinner’s snips to cut the shape. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect!

diy coaster set 8

Step 5:

If your aluminum cut is uneven or larger than the coaster, take the tinner’s snips and clean up the edges by cutting smaller pieces off until both the metal and cork coaster are the same size.

DIY Gift Ideas: Smoothing Edges of DIY Coaster Set

Step 6:

Use emery cloth to sand all four edges, ensuring any sharp corners are smooth.

DIY Gift Ideas: Gluing Coaster Set

DIY Gift Ideas: Gluing DIYH Coaster Set

Step 7:

Once the aluminum is cut and sanded, use Gorilla Glue to attach it to the coaster. To ensure glue doesn’t bleed between the cut outs, we recommend dabbing tiny dots of glue around the edges. Press the aluminum and coaster pieces together.

Clean up any visible glue with a damp cloth. Apply pressure to coasters by setting a heavy book or paint can on top of each while the glue dries overnight.

DIY Gift Ideas: Coaster Set

Step 8:

Once glue is dry, stack coasters together as a set. Tie each stack with ribbon and add mini ornaments or pine cones as embellishments. Pair this coaster set with one of our DIY chalkboard mugs for a Christmas gift that’s sure to please the coffee or tea enthusiast in your life!

DIY Gift Ideas: Coaster Set

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