DIY Gift Ideas: Chalkboard Mugs

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DIY Gift Ideas: Chalkboard Mugs

These chalkboard mugs are one of our DIY gift ideas for the holiday season.  It’s such a simple and fun DIY project that you’ll want to make these for everyone! Give these mugs away to friends and family as Christmas gifts, or create a collection of these mugs to use at home. Place teabags or hot cocoa mix inside the finished mug for a festive touch to this simple gift idea.

Here are step-by-step instructions!

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Materials for this DIY Gift Project:

Please note, this mug is hand wash only. 

DIY Gift Ideas: Mixing Paint for Chalkboard Mugs

Step 1:

Mix your tintable chalkboard paint according to the instructions on the container. We decided to customize our paint colors by mixing a few variations of the tinted chalkboard paint.

DIY Gift Ideas: Taping Off Areas Not to Paint on the Chalkboard Mugs

Step 2:

Make sure the surface of your mug is clean and dry. Then use painter’s tape to mask off the area you don’t want to paint.

Feel free to get creative with your tape! There’s tons of different patterns and designs you can make. We decided to go with a few simple partial designs by using horizontal and vertical lines to give each mug a “paint dipped” look.

DIY Gift Ideas: Painting the Chalkboard Mugs

Step 3:

Paint time!

Brush a healthy coat of tinted chalkboard paint, ensuring that strokes are even and avoiding any bubbles. Let the first coat dry for 1 hour.

DIY Gift Ideas: Applying Second Coat of Paint to Chalkboard Mugs

Step 4:

Apply a second coat of chalkboard paint, touching up any missed areas and ensuring brush strokes are evenly coated across the porcelain.

Remove tape while second coat is still wet to prevent peeling edges of the paint. Leave the mug to dry overnight.

After your mug is dry, you can take a smaller sized brush to apply a final touch up layer, if necessary.

DIY Gift Ideas: Prepping the Surface of the Chalkboard Mugs

DIY Gift Ideas: Prepping the Surface of the Chalkboard Mugs

Step 5:

Once chalkboard paint has completely cured after drying overnight, prep the chalkboard surface. You can do this simply by taking a piece of chalk and rubbing the side of it so it covers the entire surface and erasing it with a paper towel.

DIY Gift Ideas: Drawying Patterns on Chalkboard Mugs

Step 6:

Once your chalkboard surface is prepped, take a piece of chalk and start drawing!

You can draw a design, monogram or write the name of the person you are gifting this to.

DIY Gift Ideas: Adding Bows and Mini Ornaments to Chalkboard Mugs

DIY Gift Ideas: Chalkboard Mugs with Bows, Ornaments and Pieces of Chalk

Step 7:

A great way to present these as gifts is to tie a piece of chalk around the handle with ribbon. We also adorned ours with a mini Christmas tree ornament to add a festive touch.

DIY Gift Ideas: Chalkboard Mugs

Now that you’ve made these chalkboard mugs, check out another one of our DIY gift ideas: DIY coasters. The coasters would go with these mugs perfectly.

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