DIY Gift Ideas: Aluminum Sheet Candle Holders

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DIY Gift Ideas: Aluminum Sheet Candle Holders

DIY Gift Ideas: Aluminum Sheet Candle Holders

Set the mood this season with these DIY candle holders. We felt so inspired by the aluminum sheets we used to make a DIY coaster set— another of our seasonal DIY gift ideas,  that we decided to use the metal sheets in another do-it-yourself gift idea. These aluminum candle holders make the perfect present for someone who has a unique or eclectic style. Put them next to a bathroom tub, on the fireplace mantel or surprise a loved one by pairing this gift with their favorite scented candle. You’ll love the way this finished project looks once you see how easy they are to make!

Here are the step-by-step instructions.

DIY Gift Ideas: Aluminum Sheet Candle Holders-- Materials Needed for the Project

Materials for DIY Aluminum Candle Holders:

DIY Gift Ideas: Prepping the aluminum sheet to make candle holders

Step 1: 

Prep your aluminum sheet by rolling it up like a poster. This step makes the metal more pliable and easier to work with.

Tip: Try to not to roll it too tight or you will make bends in the sheet. You might want to use your leg for support as pictured!

DIY Gift Ideas: Measuring size of aluminum sheet to make a candle holder

Step 2:

Measure your cut by using your candle as a mold. Wrap the aluminum sheet around the candle, making sure you leave about ½  to 1 inch  of space between the circumference of the candle and metal.

Take a pencil and mark where the aluminum overlaps. Make sure the line you mark is even and straight by realigning where the metal overlaps a few times.

DIY Gift Ideas: Cutting the aluminum sheet for DIY candle holder project

Step 3:

Take tinner’s snips and cut across the line. Sand the sharp corners and edges with an emery cloth.

DIY Gift Ideas: Securing the ends of the aluminum sheet to make a candle holder

Step 4:

Take your metal wire and cut several pieces about 6 inches long. Secure the cylindrical shape by taking a piece of the metal wire you’ve cut and twisting it through the metal openings a few times. Once it’s secure, twist the metal wire and tuck it on the inside of the cylinder.

Depending on the height of your candle holder, you may need anywhere from two to four pieces of wire to secure the cylinder.


DIY Gift Ideas: Aluminum Sheet Candle Holders

Step 5: (optional)

Finish by painting your candle holders, if you’d like. Apply a coat of spray paint, and let it dry for an hour.

We loved the metallic look of the aluminum sheets, so we decided to keep ours as is.

With so many different colors and patterns to choose from, these aluminum candle holders can be made to match any home decor.