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Brooke Ulrich

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Adding a personalized welcome sign was a great way to add character to our front porch area. We recently did just that by repurposing an old window a friend gave us. The window had been left outside for years, so the frame was a little damaged, but it was full of character.

How I Made My Personalized Welcome Sign

Step 1

I first sanded the chippy wood frame with a sanding block to remove some of the dingy texture. I didn’t paint the wood though because I liked it just the weathered wood look.


Step 2

Next, I designed a personalized vinyl sign on my trusty Silhouette machine. If you don’t have access to a craft cutting machine, you can hire someone on Etsy to cut the vinyl and ship it to you.


Step 3

After the vinyl was cut, I took a small hook and removed all of the excess vinyl around the design. Then I placed it on the window carefully.


Step 4

While I was picking up some sanding blocks and hardware, I bought some paper towels to shine it up after I added the vinyl.

I love how it turned out. Look at the weathered frame around the window. It brings a smile on my face while I’m loading in 10 loads of groceries from the car. I call that a success. I have four kids, so I’m not exaggerating on the loads of groceries.



Step 5

Hang your personalized welcome sign. I used masonry screws to hang the window, and I used my drill and screwed them directly into the stucco. I have tried to nail into stucco in the past, and it doesn’t work at all. The screws that I used are around 3 inches long.

I also installed d-rings on the top of the window to hang it with.



After I hung the window, I noticed the window above my door was a little dirty, so I used my Swiffer to clean it. I couldn’t reach it since it’s so high, and the Swiffer Sweeper worked great! I just put a Swiffer Wet Cloth on the base, and it cleaned the window in a jiffy.


The vibrant teal door creates an eye-catching focal point to the entryway, and the potted plants add just the right amount of pizzazz to the space. The combination provides a welcoming entrance.

I hope you are inspired to jazz up your front entryway!


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