Wooden Wonderland: DIY Front Porch Christmas Decor

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DIY Front Porch Decor for Christmas

Sometimes the best front porch Christmas decor for Christmas is DIY front porch Christmas decor.

Aniko Levai of Place of My Taste went all out decorating her front yard for the holidays. She called it her “wooden wonderland.” She created this holiday look especially for the Holiday Style Challenge here on The Home Depot Blog.

Take a look at how she mixed DIY elements with holiday decorations she received from The Home Depot. And check out Aniko’s super easy DIY decorations that would look terrific in front of your own home.

I was thrilled to be picked as one of the Holiday Style Challenge makers this year for The Home Depot. I love this time of the year, and I always look forward to dressing up my home for the season! I particularly like challenges when I have to put my spin and style on projects. It’s a fun way to explore my décor ideas and it always makes me come up with the best ideas.

Aniko Levai of Place of My Taste receives boxes of Christmas decorations from The Home Depot

I got a whole bunch of goodies from The Home Depot, and I anxiously got to opening all of these boxes I received back in October. It was excited to see that I got some awesome Christmas decorations to dress up my front porch. I always pay more attention to the inside of my home, so I was delighted to see all the goodies I have received. I am gravitating towards the boho-eclectic and neutral look inside of my home, so I instantly pictured wooden elements on my front porch and some fun cut-out wooden Christmas trees.

DIY Front Porch Christmas Decor

DIY Front Porch Decor for Christmas

Below is the finished decorated front porch, and I will tell you in details how I created this look with a few simple DIY projects and adding some impressive décor pieces from The Home Depot.

DIY Front Porch Decor for Christmas

I love the balanced look when it comes to front porch décor. It makes everything look nice and clean even from a distance.


I got a gorgeous large pre-lit 32 in. woodland tales artificial Christmas wreath, and my instant vision was to add the stained crossbars to the back of the wreath.

DIY Front Porch Decor for Christmas

Adding the crossbars to the back of my large door wreath was a super easy step that you can totally tackle yourself, and it gives some drama to the already beautiful Christmas wreath.

DIY Front Porch Decor for Christmas

I purchased several lattice pieces from The Home Depot and stained them with Dark Walnut Minwax stain (my favorite stain color).

After they were completely dry, I secured them to the back of the wreath by pushing them through the wire frame and stapling or nailing the wooden pieces together.

I used the same fabulous idea for six smaller wreaths as well, and I hung those wreaths to the outside of my windows. For the smaller wreaths I used simple paint sticks which perfectly fit the inside of my 12 in. wreaths.

DIY Front Porch Decor for Christmas

Then to add a little more drama to my décor, I decided to cut out two 18 in. Christmas tree shapes out of a wooden underlayment sheet, and I stained them.

DIY Front Porch Decor for Christmas

DIY Front Porch Decor for Christmas

I drilled a small hole on the top of the trees to hang them with a piece of rope.


I arranged my large wreath on the front door, and I hung the two small trees on the sides of my door. I loved the look so much that I cut some more, larger, wooden Christmas tree shapes and placed them close to the rail.

I secured them by adding small hooks to the back of the trees, and I tighten them with fishing line to the rails.


To complete the look I placed my Winslow fur potted artificial Christmas trees that I received from The Home Depot into wooden barrels, and I decorated my trees with pinecones from the backyard. I got a few wooden present boxes to put on my steps, plus I added some firewood to complete the look.

DIY Front Porch Decor for Christmas


DIY Front Porch Decor for Christmas

Because I am crazy like that, I still did not think I had enough Christmas trees, so I cut some human sized trees out of ½ in. plywood and placed them in between my beautiful Christmas decorations on my front yard.

DIY Front Porch Decor for Christmas


My boys were so excited to see the entire Christmas decor lit up at night!

DIY Front Porch Decor for Christmas

DIY Front Porch Decor for Christmas

DIY Front Porch Decor for Christmas


Merry Christmas!

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