Easy Designer Bottle Stoppers Project


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DIY Decor: Easy Designer Bottle Stoppers Project

These easy designer bottle stoppers are a simple DIY project that can be customized to fit virtually any style of decor, and they make great personalized gifts. The secret to this fun craft project is repurposing simple decorative cabinet knobs. You can make new ornamental stoppers for old bottles, or buy new bottles or jars for this DIY project. We even have some suggestions for the types of cabinet knobs you might use for different styles.

Here’s the step-by-step tutorial.

Materials and Tools for Designer Bottle Stoppers Project

Materials needed for an easy designer bottle stopper project



DIY Bottle Stopper Project Instructions

Step 1: Mark Center Placement

Use a ruler to mark the center of the cork. Since corks come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, we recommend marking from top to bottom and from side to side for a best center placement.

Mark the center of the cork for the designer bottle stopper

Mark the center of the cork for the designer bottle stopper project

Step 2: Pre-drill the Cork

Important Note: If the base or post of the cabinet knob you selected is wide (covers at least half of the cork) then you can move onto this step without countersinking the cork. If you want a flat stopper or the knob you’ve selected has a narrow post that covers only a small area of the cork, start with Step 2 Alternative, below.

Use a 5/32-in. drill bit to pre-drill a hole in the cork where you marked the center.

While slowly drilling, use the feeling of the bit to determine if you’re still at the center of the cork. Using a slow and steady force is best for both accuracy and safety. We recommend using a wood surface you don’t mind damaging slightly when drilling through the cork.

Predrill a hole in the cork for the designer bottle stopper project

Step 2 Alternative: Countersink the Cork

If you have selected a thin-base cabinet knob, you will need to counter sink the cork to securely attach the hardware. Select a bit size similar to the stem of the cabinet knob to counter sink the hole.

Measuring to find the right size drill bit to use

Hold the cabinet knob securely in one hand while slowly drilling ¾ to ½ of the way into the cork with the other hand. How far you drill should depend on the size of the cork and the stem of knob.

Counter sinking the cork

Once you have counter sunk, test your stem by sliding it into the cork. If you have reached your desired depth switch back to the 5/32 in. drill bit and finish pre-drilling your hole.

Drilling the cork in a designer bottle stopper project

Step 3: Insert Screw

Your cabinet hardware purchase should contain fasteners, but since the corks are not all the same depth you can also substitute #8-32 Stainless Steel Machine Screws at the length you need.

Using the predrilled hole and a Phillips head screwdriver, insert the screw into the cork. Be sure to start at the bottom of the cork and work your way to the top face.

Inserting the screw into the cork of the designer bottle stopper project
Screw through the cork until you have at least a quarter inch to mount your cabinet knobs to.

DIY Decor: Easy Designer Bottle Stoppers Project

Step 4: Attach Cabinet Knobs

Now that your screw is secured in the cork, simply attach your decorative cabinet knob to the cork. Use the thread on the hardware to attach to the screw by twisting clockwise. Be sure to keep the cabinet knob straight to align the threads with a tight fit.  Do not tighten the knob with a drill as this will cause breakage.Attaching the decorative knob to the cork

Attaching the decorative knob to the cork for a designer bottle stopper project

Bonus Decorative Hardware Style Tip:

This project is all about the decorative hardware you select to jazz up your bottle stoppers. So to help you find the style that speaks to you, we’ve grouped some of the hardware we selected into three main style categories. 

Bright Colors and Mixed Materials

The first vignette is a variety of eclectic and fun cabinet knobs. The bright colors and mixed materials give them a casual vibe but still exude an aura of culture and fun. Use these knobs to add a pop of color or a whimsical touch to your decor.

DIY Decor: Easy Designer Bottle Stoppers Project

Acrylics and Glass

The second assortment is a mix of acrylics and glass. These knobs are a statement piece of sophistication! The colored acrylics can be found in wonderful reds and ambers for an added touch of elegance.

DIY Decor: Easy Designer Bottle Stoppers Project

Traditional Hardware Finishes

The final display is a collection of traditional hardware pieces. The beauty of these pieces to me lies in the finish. The hardware finishes of these knobs can reflect your style, or can be selected to coordinate with lighting or other fixtures in your kitchen.

DIY Decor: Easy Designer Bottle Stoppers Project

The possibilities are nearly endless. Most importantly, wherever you’re placing your bottles with their designer stoppers, remember to have fun with it!

DIY Decor: Easy Designer Bottle Stoppers Project

Bonus Paint Technique Tip

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