DIY Curtain Rods Made From Rope


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DIY Curtain Rods Made From Rope

DIY Curtain Rods Tutorial

These DIY curtain rods are made from rope, with attractive wooden cabinet knobs used to attach the curtain rods to the wall. We customized the knobs with spray paint for a unique look. Of course, you can choose from practically any style of cabinet knob to create your own DIY curtain rods.

Just follow our step-by-step tutorial.

Materials needed for DIY curtain rods project

Materials for DIY Rope Curtain Rods


Step 1: Create Wood Knob Rod Hangers

We used pre-cut wood squares of two different sizes for our base. Our larger square was about 3-in. and our smaller square was about 2-in. To prep the base, lightly sand the edges of the wood blocks so that they are smooth.

Apply wood glue along the outside edge of the smaller piece of wood.

Allow wood glue to cure before proceeding to the next step. Once the glue has cured, lightly sand any areas where you removed excess glue; otherwise your paint may not apply smoothly.

Applying wood glue along the outside edge of a piece of wood

Creating a wall hanger for DIY rope curtain rods

We used a brad nailer and ¾-in. brad nails after the glue had cured for additional support on the corners of our base.

Tip: If you are using only wood glue to secure your wood blocks, use clamps and tighten each wood base until the wood glue is dry. Typically, the base should rest in the clamps for 24 hours to allow the blocks to fully cure.

Using a brad nailer and ¾ in. brad nails to create wall hanger for DIY curtain rods

Using a drill bit the same size as your knob screw, drill into the center of each end of the wood block. For our knobs, we used a ¼-in. drill bit. Make sure the drill is exactly in the center; otherwise your knob will not be centered when you put it on the base.

Dilling into the center a wood block for a DIY curtain rods project

Using plyers to screw the pointed end of a hanger bolt into a cabinet knob

Our wooden knobs came with standard screws. In order to use the knobs, you will need to replace them with hanger bolts.

Using plyers, screw the pointed end of the hanger bolt into the knob, then screw your knobs into the wooden base.

Screwing a knob into a wooden base for a DIY rope curtain rod project

Step 2: Paint Wood Knobs

Using a sweeping motion, apply a thin coat of paint to the wooden knobs. Apply two or more coats until desired color is achieved.

Always wait for your paint to fully dry before applying another coat.

We used Rustoleum Forged Hammered Paint in Antique Pewter, and found that we needed three coats of paint to get our desired hammered effect.

Seal your paint with Rustoleum Flat Matte Clear Paint.

Allow paint to fully dry before moving on to the next step.

Wooden knob spray painted for a DIY curtain rods project

Wait paint to fully dry before applying another coat to wooden knobs in a DIY rope curtain rods project

Step 3: Attach Knobs to Your Wall

Pre-drill into the drywall. We were fortunate to attach the base directly to the studs. If you aren’t drilling into the studs, you should anchor your knobs into the wall to make sure they are secure.

Step 4: Tie Rope and Hang Curtains!

Cut a large piece of rope. You’ll need to make sure it is the width of your window, plus enough excess rope to tie around each of your new knobs.

Tie one end of the rope to your first knob. Make sure that the knot is secure so that it does not come undone.

String your rope through your curtains now, then make sure the rope is tight, and tie the other end of the rope around your other knob.

Tip: If your window is wide, you might need to add a third knob, which you’ll place in the center of your window. The curtains you see here are a smaller window size (it’s about 42-in. wide), so only two knobs were needed.

DIY Curtain Rods Made From Rope