DIY Colorful Holiday Decor

Chelsea Mohrman

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DIY Colorful Holiday Decor

Chelsea Mohrman of Farm Fresh Therapy wanted to create a warm and inviting, family-friendly holiday theme. To do this, she used supplies from The Home Depot to DIY funky and bold decorations to fit her personal style.

We invited her to take part in our Holiday Style Challenge. We sent Chelsea a mystery box of Home Depot Christmas decorations and a Home Depot gift card to get her started on her Christmas decorating.

Chelsea added handmade tomato cage Christmas trees, uniquely wrapped gifts, DIY frames and pops of green along with traditional decor to bring the holiday spirit into her home.

I have always loved the warmth and creative that comes with the holiday season. For me, the holidays remind me to take time out to celebrate love and family. I gave birth to my first son shortly after Christmas last year and was unable to spend as much time enjoying the holiday as I typically do due to an impending due date and being 9+ months pregnant. So this year’s holiday is extra special for many reasons. But most important of all, this is our first year celebrating as a family of three. And this year it’s all about family and a kid friendly holiday. As our son is just starting to walk and explore things on his own we have been forced to be very intentional with our holiday decor. So when I was asked to participate in the Home Depot Holiday Style Challenge I knew I was going to do a theme centered around a family friendly holiday. I love DIYs (especially budget friendly decorating) so I wanted this space to feel crafty and cozy. A place to inspire creativity and warmth with family.

My prompt for this year’s style challenge was to create Christmas trees out of tomato cages which couldn’t have been more perfect for my theme. Real or even faux Christmas trees can be easily knocked down or pulled over by wandering little hands. So these kid friendly trees worked perfectly in our family friendly space. Of course we didn’t stop there! We went a little spray paint and paint chip crazy and hand crafted just about everything in this space (read on for the full details!).

DIY Colorful Holiday Decor

Wood Shim Christmas Tree

Materials Needed for a DIY Wood Shim Christmas Tree


Step 1 — Cut Tomato Cage

Cutting tomato cage for DIY Christmas tree

Cut a tomato cage to desired length (here we made a short one so we cut off the top tier and taped the prongs together). Wrap in Ram Board to create a base to adhere your shims.

Step 2 — Tape the Ram Board

Making a tomato cage and wood shim Christmas tree

Tape the Ram Board in place with painter’s tape.

Step 3 — Attach Wood Shims

Making a tomato cage and wood shim Christmas tree

Begin hot gluing shims to the Ram Board.

Start at the bottom with an even layer and then begin staggering different lengths as you cover towards the top of the cone.

Step 4 — Cut Shims for the Top of the Tree

Cutting a shim for a wood shim Christmas tree

To finish up the shims at the top of the tree so that they come together at a point, cut the shims in half diagonally with a saw.

This will create thin triangular shaped shims to use at the top of the Christmas tree.

Step 5 — Finish Attaching Shims

Making a wood shim Christmas tree

Finish gluing all the shims in place so that your Ram Board is pretty much covered.

Let the glue dry.

Step 6 — Paint the Wood Shim Christmas Trees

Wood shim Christmas trees

Paint your trees in various fun shades of green.

Here we used quarts of interior paint in various shades of green to brush onto our larger trees.

If your trees are on the smaller side you can spray-paint them with a couple coats of green.

Let your wood shim Christmas trees dry overnight.

Step 7 — Decorate Your Wood Shim Trees (or don’t)

Wood shim Christmas trees

Decorate your trees with ribbons and lights or leave them as is for a simplified look. These trees are pretty indestructible and withstood a bit of a beating from my 9 month old as he tried to pull off shims and attempted to drag the trees around the floor.

Christmas Decorations for the Wall

DIY Colorful Holiday Decor

I used gold spray paint and plywood cut to size and painted with chalkboard paint make this super easy custom chalkboard. Thanks to my friend Taylor for the great chalk lettering that delivers a seasonal welcome to the room!

DIY Colorful Holiday Decor

Old frames in fun spray painted colors for wall decor and presents wrapped with brown builder’s paper, green masking tape, and crafty leftover sewing trim and pom poms makes this space feel youthful and crafty.

To round out our crafty trees we sprayed a Martha Stewart gold tree with a thin coat of olive green spray paint (to match our bright green color scheme), created a paint chip tree wall hanging, and crafted little mini trees from flat corner braces.

DIY Colorful Holiday Decor

Paint chip Christmas tree wall art

Corner bracket Christmas tree

Faux stacked log fireplace insert

The Fireplace

A handmade “Happy Holidays” banner created with white paint chips and a round paper punch adorns this vintage mirror and little spray painted frames and dear keep the crafty feel and color scheme throughout the room cohesive.

We also created this faux stacked log fireplace insert by simply cutting up backyard branches on the bandsaw and gluing them onto a piece of plywood painted black (a Home Depot associate can cut the wood to your desired dimensions for you!). We finished the insert with a coat of glossy lacquer to finish the wood end pieces. It really adds a cozy feel to this space!

Faux stacked log fireplace insert

DIY Colorful Holiday Decor

DIY Colorful Holiday Decor

DIY Colorful Holiday Decor

DIY Colorful Holiday Decor

Kid-Friendly Craft Station

A crafty tree terrarium station completes the room and is a great activity to do with older kids to get them in the holiday spirit and foster their creativity. With foraged glasses, mini brush trees, a hot glue gun and white gravel stones you can quickly whip up these terrariums in no time! Embellish them with paint dipped pinecones, spray painted deer, and colorful gift toppers for inside your terrarium or add some colorful ribbon to the outside!

DIY Colorful Holiday Decor

We lined this dresser with some cozy plaid, white painted burlap, and a role of thin brown paper.

DIY Colorful Holiday Decor

DIY Colorful Holiday Decor

DIY Colorful Holiday Decor

Updated Wreath

And finally, our wreath was a simple faux green wreath hack. A little white paint brushed on the bottom of the snow makes the wreath look snow glazed and little baubles from gift toppers (a few spray painted our olive green color) hot glued into the wreath keep our color scheme consistent and personalize this basic green wreath!

Wishing you a creative and crafty holiday this year! We hope this post has inspired your to handmake your holiday cheer!

Chelsea Mohrman lives in Columbus, Ohio with her handy husband and young son Evan. Chelsea is a freelance DIY writer and stylist that blogs at Farm Fresh Therapy. Farm Fresh Therapy is a home and DIY blog all about achieving laid back Midwest style on a budget.

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