DIY Chalkboard

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DIY Chalkboard

This DIY chalkboard is easy to make. There are a million uses for it, too. Write seasonal greetings, display the menu at a wedding reception, guide guests to your backyard when you’re having a cookout, write a family to-do list, or let the kids have fun drawing pictures on it!

For this project, we could use chalkboard paint to create the chalkboard surface. But instead we’re going to save a step by purchasing MDF boards that already have the chalkboard surface applied. Having chalkboard MDF for sale might be one of The Home Depot’s best kept secrets!


Step 1

Cut the four boards to 4’6” lengths (four pieces) and 18 ¾” (four pieces). Sand any rough edges. Assemble each side face down, edges flushed, and fasten all four corners. Add four or more screws along each of four sides, evenly distributed.

DIY Chalkboard: drilling holes

Step 2

Once both sides are assembled, square both sides face down and fasten the hinges 4 inches from either corner.

DIY Chalkboard: Attaching the hinges

Step 3

Attach the cabinet pull to be a chalk holder. Drill holes for the cabinet pull and attach to the top board using the hardware provided.

DIY Chalkboard

Step 4

(Not shown)

Attach a piece of jack chain to connect the two boards to keep it from collapsing.

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