DIY Beverage Station

Carmel Phillips

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DIY Beverage Station

Having a beverage station in place goes a long way toward turning a basement or family room into a space for easy entertaining.

Carmel Phillips of Our Fifth House wanted a place to serve drinks and snacks in her basement. She came up with an easy-to-build DIY beverage station just using a couple of inexpensive cabinets and a small beverage cooler.

Take a look at how she built it, and then start making plans to put a similar beverage station in your home.

We spend a great deal of family time in our basement, and we also do a lot of casual entertaining down there. It’s where the “big” TV lives, so friends and family gather here to watch sports quite often. One thing we were lacking was a place not only to set up a buffet area while we’re entertaining, but also to store all of the stuff we need when we’re hosting a casual gathering. Going up and down the stairs multiple times to grab items from the kitchen is good exercise, but I’d rather watch basketball players get sweaty than actually get sweaty myself on a game night.

What we really needed was a beverage station that could store all of the party supplies and also function as a buffet area for serving. I had the perfect blank wall to create one.

Blank wall suitable for DIY beverage station

Step 1

I went to The Home Depot and purchased two 18-in. base cabinets and a 17-in. beverage cooler to use as a base.

Cabinets and cooler to use in DIY beverage station

Step 2

I started by removing the baseboard and cutting it down to size to fit the cabinets flush against the wall.

Preparing the space for a DIY beverage station

Step 3

After sanding the cabinets and painting them white, I cut a flat piece of trim moulding and used wood glue to hold it in place in order to make up the vertical space difference between the cabinets and the beverage cooler.

Creating countertop for DIY beverage station

Step 4

For the counter top, I had a ¾-in. oak project panel. I had an associate at The Home Depot cut down to size, which saved me some work!

I also picked up some decorative door trim moulding to use around the counter top edges to give it a more finished look. I added the trim moulding around the edges with wood glue.

Creating countertop for DIY beverage station

Adding moulding to a DIY beverage station

Step 5

In order to create a rounded corner, I used a hand saw and miter box to cut little wedges. Placing the moulding in the miter box vertically, I cut the trim at an angle. Then I cut it at the opposite angle. I attached the little wedge with wood glue.

Cutting moulding for a DIY beverage station

Cutting moulding for a DIY beverage station

Adding moulding to a DIY beverage station

 Step 6

Once the glue was dry, I caulked, sanded and painted. I painted the moulding edge with solid black paint, and for the counter top I mixed a little water with black paint to create the look of a stain. Once it was dry, I added a few coats of polycrylic to protect the surface.

Because the outlet is at the bottom of the wall and I wanted to be able to plug in a Keurig machine (we’re big coffee lovers), I used a 3/4 inch flat wood boring bit  on my electric drill to create a little hole at the back for the cord to go through.

Then I added some Martha Stewart cabinet hardware and called this whole project done!

DIY beverage station with cabinet hardware

Adding power cord hole to DIY beverage station

Step 7 (optional)

I used the left over piece of wood from having the counter top cut to size to make an Instagram display board.

I also added a chalkboard to write fun messages for parties. It’s leaning against the wall instead of hung in order to hide the cord cut out on the back of the counter.

DIY Beverage Station

DIY Beverage Station

DIY Beverage Station

Now we have the perfect spot to set up a beverage/serving station when we’re entertaining! Plus we’ve got lots of concealed, organized storage for all of the party essentials–plates, napkins, cups–it’s all here. No more running up and down the stairs a million times for supplies! So glad to do a little organization and storage project that will definitely make life a little sweeter around here, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s done in time for some college sports!

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Carmel did this project for The Home Depot’s Store More, Save More event. She received a Home Depot gift card, but the ideas and opinions she expressed are her own.