Style Swap: Room Makeovers by Lesley Graham and Anna Liesemeyer

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Style Swap: Room Makeovers by Anna Liesemeyer and Lesley Graham

When bloggers Anna Liesemeyer and Lesley Graham decided their rooms needed a new look, they took a leap of faith and gave each other’s spaces stylish room makeovers with furniture and décor from The Home Depot’s Home Decorators Collection. It was two talented designers with individual styles turning parts of their homes over to another designer– a living room makeover for a dining room makeover.

How did the room makeovers work out? See for yourself! We have the before and after photos and descriptions of what’s new in each room.

(Spoiler: The rooms look awesome!)

Two Room Makeovers for Two Designers

Lesley’s Living Room Before the Transformation

Lesley Graham in her living room before its makeover

Living room with playful, eclectic style

Lesley’s living room showcased her playful, eclectic style with vintage pieces, bold patterns, and bright colors, but the busy blogger and mother of two was craving a calmer space with a more focused aesthetic. Anna was more than happy to take on the challenge.  

Lesley’s Living Room Makeover

Anna Liesemeyer adjusts throw pillow in living room makeover

To anchor Lesley’s new living room, Anna replaced the vintage couch with the Gordon Tufted Sofa in Natural Linen. The classic shape and neutral tone brought an instant sense of calm and a stylish focal point to Lesley’s space.

The Milton Arm Chair from Home Decorators Collection

Once Anna established the room’s signature piece, she replaced Lesley’s vintage chair with a complementary Home Decorators Collection arm chair and chose the Anjou Coffee Table to ground the room with its simple lines and rustic materials.

Continuing with the neutral color palette, Anna selected the Home Decorators Collection’s antique-inspired Old Treasures Gray Rug to tie the room together.

Anna Liesemeyer with hammered aluminum bowls from Home Decorators Collection

Bella Round Aged Gold Glass End Table with the Milton Arm Chair from Home Decorators Collection

Anna added contrast to the soft, neutral fabrics with a set of Hammered Aluminum Bowls and a gold-brushed Bella Glass End Table.

To bring a pop of color to the room, she selected several throw pillows in complementary cool and warm tones.

Lesley’s New Living Room

Style Swap: Room Makeovers by Lesley Graham and Anna Liesemeyer

Design bloggers Anna Liesemeyer and Lesley Graham

Lesley Graham enjoys her new living room

Lesley was thrilled with her living room makeover.

The new space is a great fit for the blogger’s home: sophisticated enough for entertaining, functional enough for everyday, while still expressive of her fun, eclectic sense of style.

See what Anna has to say about designing this modern farmhouse living room for Lesley.

 Anna’s Dining Room Before the Transformation

Anna Liesemeyer in her dining room

Dining room with open floorplan

Anna recently moved into a new home to accommodate her growing family. Her simple décor worked well in her previous house, but with a new open dining area, her space felt a little sparse.

Luckily, Lesley had some great ideas on how to add style and balance to her challenging floorplan to create a truly family-friendly dining room.

Anna’s Dining Room Makeover

Highland 7 ft. Rectangular Sandblasted Natural Dining Table from Home Decorators Collection

Lesley chose the Highland Dining Room Table for its generous size, classic lines, and rustic texture. It’s big enough to comfortably accommodate Anna’s family of six.

Garden Side Chairs and Highland Dining Table from Home Decorators Collection

Anna paired the wooden table with metallic Garden Side Chairs for a modern contrast.

To finish the look, she selected a Downing Terrarium centerpiece, a perfect fit for Anna’s desert chic sense of style.

Penley II Harvest Khaki Rug from Home Decorators Collection

To differentiate the dining room area from the rest of her open floor plan, Lesley chose a natural fiber Penley II Harvest Khaki Rug from Home Decorators Collection.

Polished Chrome Glass Pendant with Vintage Bulb from Home Decorators Collection

Lesley replaced Anna’s existing lighting fixture with Polished Chrome Glass Pendant Lights to give Anna’s space a touch of industrial charm.

Oxford 2-Drawer Wood Buffet from Home Decorators Collection

Lesley chose a substantial Oxford Buffet table to fill out Anna’s window nook. The versatile piece of furniture can serve as an everyday coffee/ breakfast station or as a serving area for entertaining.

Anna’s New Dining Room

Anna Liesemeyer sees her new dining room decorated by Lesley Graham

Anna couldn’t believe how much Lesley’s makeover improved her dining room.

The unique pairing of stylish furniture and décor brought out the best in Anna’s floorplan.

Anna Liesemeyer in her newly decorated dining room

Lesley describes more of this this family-friendly dining room makeover here on The Home Depot Blog.

As you can see from these two room makeovers, taking a chance paid off for both style bloggers.

Lesley’s quirky living room got a sophisticated makeover that let her personality shine, while Anna Liesemeyer’s open dining room layout was transformed by an eclectic mix of desert-chic, rustic and modern pieces from Home Depot’s Home Decorators Collection.

Lesley Graham was born and raised in Georgia and now lives with her husband and two girls in a 1910 farmhouse near Atlanta. When she’s not writing about motherhood or home design on her blog Lesley W Graham, you can find her freelancing for stylists, children’s stores, and more.

Anna Liesemeyer is a designer, DIYer and entrepreneur. She writes about fashion, design and motherhood on her blog In Honor of Design. She lives in the Atlanta area with her husband and three children.

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