Deck Restoration with Behr’s DeckOver

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Deck Restoration with Behr's DeckOver

If your deck is looking a little weathered and worn and in need of some TLC, there’s an easy way to revive it. A good cleaning and application of Behr’s DeckOver will make your deck like new again.

Follow along with our step-by-step how-to to see just how easy simple it is.

Clean Your Deck

To begin you will need to clean your deck thoroughly. This is an important step to preserve the properties of the wood and allow the wood coating to adhere properly.

Materials needed to wash a deck


A deck in need of restoration

Step 1: Sweep Your Deck

Sweeping a deck before deck restoration
If your deck hasn’t been cleaned in a while you’ll need to wash it first. First sweep off any large debris with a broom.

Step 2: Spray Your Deck Down With Water

Washing a deck before deck restoration
If there are any remaining large pieces of debris, remove them with your sprayer as best you can.

Step 3: Add Cleaner to Your Pump Sprayer

Adding deck cleaning solution to a sprayer

Before opening cleaner, first read the back label for concentration recommendations. Use the guidelines on your pump sprayer as guidelines.

Step 4: Add Water to Pump Sprayer

Adding water to a pump sprayer

Add the proportional amount of to your pump sprayer.

Step 5: Pump and Spray

Pumping a pump sprayer
When water has been added, place the handle top on the sprayer body and twist into place. Once locked, begin pumping the handle to build up pressure.

Spray your deck with the cleaning solution.

Spraying a deck with cleaning solution

Step 6: Scrub Deck with Bristle Brush

Scrubbing a deck
Scrub the deck surface with your bristle brush.

Step 7: Hose Your Deck Down

Hosing down a deck

When you are done scrubbing, spray your deck with water to wash off the cleaner.

Step 8: Allow Deck to Dry

Clean deck ready for restoration
Give your deck 24 hours to dry before beginning your DeckOver application.

When your deck is clean and dry, it’s time to apply DeckOver.

Apply Behr’s DeckOver

Materials needed to appy Behr's DeckOver


A deck after application of Behr's DeckOver

Step 1: Determine the Quantity of DeckOver Needed

Behr has a great paint and stain calculator tool that will tell you the amount needed for different exterior products, including DeckOver.

Step 2: Pour out DeckOver

Transfering DeckOver to a five-gallon bucket
If you are doing a small area a roller tray may suffice, for bigger projects transfer the DeckOver to a clean bucket, or you can use the five- gallon DeckOver bucket.

Step 3: Stir Thoroughly

Stirring DeckOver before restoring a deck
Be sure to give the product a good stir with a stir stick before painting.

Step 4: Fill Holes and Cracks

Filling deck holes and cracks with DeckOver
Fill any holes (smaller than ¼ in.) with a brush first.

Holes or cracks deeper than ¼ in. will not fill completely.

Step 5: Paint Around Edges and In Between Boards

Painting DeckOver between the boards of a deck
Brush in along the deck boarder and in between the deck boards.


You may need a smaller brush if your boards are close together.

Step 6: Apply DeckOver to Entire Deck

Using a roller to apply DeckOver
Place your grate in the 5 gallon bucket and move your roller along it to evenly distribute the product.

Starting in one corner work your way across the deck, rolling the product down the length of your deck boards. Allow it to dry 4 hours before applying the second coat.

Using a roller to apply DeckOver

Step 7: Touch Up Holes and Cracks

If desired, apply product to touch up deep holes and cracks.

Touching Up Holes and Cracks in a Deck with DeckOver

Step 8: Apply Second Coat

Applying a second coat of DeckOver to a deck

Repeat Step 6, and apply your second coat.

When it’s dry your deck will be ready to style and enjoy.

Deck Restoration with Behr's DeckOver

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