Curb Appeal with Plants: A Front Porch Makeover

Lesley Graham

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Curb Appeal with Plants: A Front Porch Makeover

We saw what remarkable work Leslie Graham did in her patio makeover from a while back, so we wanted to see what sort of front porch makeover ideas she’d come up with. Her talent for decor and design shines through once again. In this Patio Style Challenge Redux, she shows us how simple it is to boost curb appeal just using plants.

She gives her porch and front yard the green treatment with plants of all kinds– hanging in baskets, in galvanized metal planters and planted along the front walkway. These are some of the simplest front porch ideas and curb appeal boosters you’ll ever see.

Decorating Your Porch With Plants

For as long as I can remember I have loved plants. I come by it naturally (punny!). My mom is a master gardener and my grandparents on both sides have always had beautiful gardens. It is truly amazing what plants on a front porch can do for curb appeal. To prove this point I kept our porch incredibly simple and just brought in the green. The Home Depot has an amazing selection of plants, so it was fun and easy to pick out some favorites!

The Front Porch Before

A front porch in need of a makeover

A front porch before a makeover

Above, you can see the before photos, which I shot on my phone.

I had already brought out some props (galvanized buckets and then these great hanging planters that I picked up for this front porch makeover). The porch was yellow with pollen and completely neglected over the winter months. Living in the south, a proper front porch complete with hanging plants is a pretty big deal.

Curb Appeal With Plants

Lesley Graham boosting her home's curb appeal with new plants

The first thing I did was plant some geraniums in some simple black pots (similar to this black plastic planter). I have an all-white-and -green thing going on with just a touch of pink. I love geraniums because they bloom ALL summer long. They are one of my go-tos every, single year.

Hanging Boston Ferns

Boston ferns hanging on a front porch

I also “planted” gorgeous, HUGE Boston ferns that I got at The Home Depot in the hanging planters on the porch.

Hanging Boston ferns adding curb appeal to a home

I left them in their pots and snipped the hanger off the top so that I barely had to do a thing. This makes is super easy to remove them in the late fall and then you can reuse the liners next year. :)

It instantly added such a cozy and lovely vibe to the front porch.

Potted Plants in Galvanized Metal Buckets

Hostas and a snake plant on a beautifully decorated front porch

To finish the porch, I put hostas and a snake plant in the metal planters I mentioned. The two varieties of hostas are in the smaller planters, with the snake plant in the back for varied height and texture.

Nursery pots upside down in a planter to provided drainage to a hosta plant

The potted plants are actually sitting on top of some nursery pots I placed upside down in the buckets. This helps with drainage and it puts the plants a little higher in the buckets.

Plants and gardening tools at various heights decorate a front porch

The snake plant is almost impossible to kill and can tolerate a bit of shade which is perfect for our front porch.

The Window Box

A window box on a front porch

We had a lot of fun working with my grandfather to make our first window box!

A front porch window box adding colorful curb appeal to a home

He is crazy creative and came up with a 36-in. box design made of angled aluminum and white vinyl lattice.

For stability, we added a piece of white MDF board to the center. I then purchased a 36-in. basket liner, cut a hole in the middle for the board.

I filled it with potting soil, some cool plants (both perennials and annuals!) and then topped with sphagnum moss.

Blogger Lesley Graham and her daughter working on a planting project in their front yard

Planting a window box is a fun planting project with little ones because you really can’t mess it up. I do like to stick with odd numbers of plants and make things symmetrical. My six-year-old helped me put them in. You always want to buy plants in odd numbers and plant in masses using repetition, or at least that’s what I’ve always been told. ;)

Plants in the Front Yard

Plants along a front walk adding curb appeal to a lovely old home

When we moved in, the first thing we planted were dwarf boxwoods, which you see lining the front walk. This year we added lamb’s ear (love the grey mixed with the green and I prefer the large lamb’s ear) as well as some potted Knockout roses. (Knockout roses would make a fabulous gift for Mother’s Day, by the way.)

Boxwoods, lamb's ear and potted Knockout roses along a front walk

Plants along the front walk of a home adding to the home's curb appeal

Solomon's seal planted in front of a home

I also love my Solomon’s seal which continues to spread and delight us with it’s gorgeous white blooms.

Heirloom tomato seeds and gorgeous Ames gardening tools

Knockout rose not yet ready to bloom

Another fun touch to a gifted potted Knockout rose or hosta would be some of these heirloom tomato seeds and these gorgeous Ames tools.

Just love them! Any gardener would love to receive that gift!

Curb Appeal with Plants: A Front Porch Makeover

Happy planting and thanks again Home Depot for letting us share how we bring in the green to our home!

Lesley Graham was born and raised in Georgia and now lives with her husband and two girls in a 1910 farmhouse near Atlanta. When she’s not writing about motherhood or home design on her blog Lesley W Graham, you can find her freelancing for stylists, children’s stores, and more.

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