Colorful Covered Porch Ideas with Outdoor Dining Set

Darnetha Myers

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of Chippa Sunshine

Colorful Covered Porch Ideas with Outdoor Dining Set

We love the bright, airy colors on this covered porch styled by Darnetha Myers of Chippa Sunshine. It was time for a patio makeover, and as you’ll see, she brought some excellent porch ideas to the project. But Darnetha also provided a clean canvas for her outdoor decor artistry by stripping and staining the cement patio first.

This patio makeover is Darnetha’s addition to our Patio Style Challenge series here on The Home Depot Blog. We offered her a new patio set to get her outdoor decorating ideas started and left it up to her how to incorporate that in her patio decor.

Read on for inspiration and ideas for your own patio makeover.

Porch Ideas

When we purchased our home seven years ago we fell in love with its large back yard and covered porch. It had so much potential. Over the years, we’ve done quite a bit of work to our yard. Completely fencing it in, adding a fire pit, garden bed, storage house and two years ago shared our incomplete porch makeover.

The way we use our outdoor space has changed over the years, and I had wanted to do a little something different to our porch area. When The Home Depot invited me to take part in the Patio Style Challenge, I was ecstatic and knew just what changes needed to be made.

A covered back porch in need of a cleaning and a makeover

First thing in order was to give it a good old-fashioned cleaning. And it needed it! It always amazes me how much dirt and grime builds up in a short period of time.

Repainting a Concrete Porch

Something I’d always wanted to do when we moved in was to paint the concrete. Over the years, it had chipped and faded and it was ugly. Not wanting to simply paint over the worn chipping paint, I researched how to properly paint a concrete porch.

A floor maintainer rented from a Home Depot store

These simple steps will have you well on your way to a professional looking paint job.

  • After cleaning the surface, strip the existing paint off the concrete. We chose to use Home Depot rental tools for this particular job. The floor maintainer and concrete prep tool got the job done and removed the paint. [Tip: wear a mask, there will be a lot of dust. To keep dust to a minimum, dampen the surface.] Pressure wash to remove all dust and debris.
  • Etch the surface of the concrete with diluted muriatic acid. Followed by diluted ammonia to stop the chemical process of the acid. Pressure wash to remove any traces of acid and ammonia.
  • Prime the surface with Behr Bonding Primer.

A concrete porch painted in Behr's Fresh Cement color

  • Paint two thin coats using Behr Porch and Patio Paint. I went with the color Fresh Cement. Great name, right!
  • Wait 72 hours to fully cure. 

Dining Set with Styling Details

I chose the Hampton Bay Posada Dining Set for my patio makeover. Its clean lines and traditional feel really spoke to me.

It seats six comfortably, and with a family of five that was a must. I love that the cushion covers are removable for ease of cleaning. I already had to remove one due to a naughty cat with dirty paws admiring my work. The paw prints came right out and that gave me peace of mind concerning my boys.

After considering the 15 possible colors, I went with the gray cushion. I love to use neutrals for my backdrop then add touches of color here and there that can be changed out while my neutral staples stay intact.

To soften the edges, I hung up eight panels of sheers. They provide ambience and privacy. They also allow light in but don’t fully close you off from your surroundings. For an added pop of color, I painted the door a fun shade of green, Fresh Sprout by Behr.

The Hampton Bay Posada Outdoor Dining Set on a beautifully styled covered porch

A chair from the Posada Outdoor Collection with a gray cushion and bright red pillow

Added Greenery

Adding greenery is an important part of my design. I have always wanted a window box ever since I vacationed in Charleston.

SI built a Shaker style window box out of three cedar fence pickets and a furring strip. I had it cut to size, 1 in. larger than my window. Associates at The Home Depot are always happy to make cuts for you– just make sure you have your measurements.

I filled my box with an assortment of shade-loving plants. When they grow in it’s going to be beautiful and lush with the plants cascading down the front and sides.

A window box with flowers decorates a covered porch

A Shaker style window box built out of three cedar fence pickets and a furring strip

Up on the porch, I knew I needed something that complemented the new door color. It had to be tall and narrow. I chose a tall modern planter by Multy Home that is self-watering. You read that right self-watering!

It’s such a statement piece and quite striking next to the door. I also added the Seven Seas Ceramic Pot for its lovely design and color scheme.

Greenery complements the color of a freshly painted back door

Other Decor Touches

On the other side of the door, I added a black metal bench. I initially wanted to build one and I still might. This is a great spot to take off shoes before coming in the house, extra seating for guest, anything really. It’s also a great spot for this coir welcome mat.

A back door painted in Berh's Fresh Sprout color with potted plants and a bench

A black metal bench sits beside the back door on a covered porch

An Empty Wall

The large blank wall of siding behind the dining table was a great candidate for a piece of artwork. This large gold abstract piece was just perfect.

A gorgeous vase of tulips

And what dining space is complete without a chandelier? It completes the look I was going for and adds some much needed light to the space at night. Now we can stay out on the porch just a little longer!

Colorful Covered Porch Ideas with Outdoor Dining Set

Now that the weather has warmed up, we’ve had brunch with the family on our new porch and can’t wait to invite friends over for a much needed get together. I wanted our patio to feel like an extension of our home and to reflect our laid-back, simplistic style. I think I achieved just that with a few neutrals that grounded the space, pops of color for interest, and greenery to round it all out. Thank you Home Depot for this opportunity!

Darnetha Myers  is a wife and a mother of three amazingly active kids– a girl and two boys. She loves everything crafty, including sewing, cooking and organizing. She’s a true DIYer who writes about her passions on Chippa Sunshine. She lives in Nashville.

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