Covered Deck Makeover and a New Porch Ceiling

Covered Deck Makeover and a New Porch Ceiling

Amanda Hill from Recycled is not fond of brown. So the brown ceiling of her covered deck had to go, and she came up with an ingeniously simple way to replace it.

That was just the beginning of her back deck makeover, though. It’s part of our ongoing Patio Style Challenge series here on The Home Depot Blog. We sent her a patio bistro set, and Amanda did the rest.

Amanda has a little of everything for us here– colorful pillows, a cool succulent garden, a new grill… and that clever ceiling treatment. See and be inspired.

Covered Deck Makeover

It’s that time of year again, dust off your patio furniture and get ready for warm summer nights. Truly my favorite memories are the ones that involve a barbecue and dinners that go late into the night. The ones where laughter gets so loud and friendships are built on. So of course being part of the Home Depot Patio Style Challenge was a match made in heaven.

Making our backyard our family oasis is top of our list this summer. Since winter seems to be hanging on a bit too long, I think starting with my covered deck seems to be the most logical place to start. I’ve always loved this part of our home.

A Unique Way to Upgrade the Porch Ceiling

Covered Deck Makeover and a New Porch Ceiling

I am not the biggest fan of brown, and the exterior of the house seems to have no shortage of this shade. The ceiling of my covered patio was and has been something I hated.

Coming up with a unique way to cover some of it and lightening it up was my first thought. I wanted to add some texture to the ceiling and was so excited when I found that The Home Depot is now carrying these great faux brick panels. Have you seen them before?

Using faux brick panels to cover the ceiling of a covered porch

Installing faux brick panels to the ceiling of a covered deck

The faux brick panels are made by Kingston and measure 48 x 96. That covers alotta square footage! Plus the install was super easy. Double bonus. We didn’t even have to make cuts till the very end.

For my porch ceiling, I used six panels. The hubs (my ultra sexy general contractor…all the designers have them you know), he just applied the panels using a staple gun right over the brown metal soffit. Piece of cake.

At the end we made a few cuts with the table saw but nothing to major.

Since the idea was to lighten it up, I knew that I wanted to paint the brick a solid beige white. Nothing too stark because our house has a lot of brown, remember? Before we could use the paint sprayer (I rented that from Home Depot.), we caulked all the tiny nail holes and seams to make the panels finished so it appeared all as one.

I could not believe how much this tiny little project improved the space…I mean I’m good but I impressed myself with this one!

So now that the “big thing” was done. Now I get to start staging the space for some summer lovin’.

Decorating the Deck

A palm leaf pillow adds color to an outdoor sofa

We have had our sofa for a few years now, and it has really kept up with us. I love the clean lines and modern profile. There are no bold colors to it so I can really do whatever I want! These huge palm leaf pillows packed such impact, I knew they would be perfect for the sofa update.

An outdoor sofa on a covered deck

You kinda love it, huh? The palm leaf pillows were really affordable, too. I got mine at my local store, and you can too from the Home Depot website.

Our adorable lil pup Finn approves of the makeover too.

The Bistro Set

Eating my breakfast on the patio is sheer bliss. There’s nothing like a chai latte and the birds chirping to get your day off to the right start, and adding a bistro set just made perfect sense. Lucky for me Home Depot had a set with the same modern lines as my trusty old sofa. It’s called the Aria Balcony Bistro Set, and she’s a dream. A breeze to put together, and I really like how the chairs are tall, not a short little set.

Overall I wanted my space to feel very minimal and relaxed. A place where anyone could hang out and would adapt to whatever party we are throwing.

The Aria Balcony Bistro Set on a covered deck

Strawberry shortcake served on an outdoor bistro set

An outdoor bistro set with strawberry shortcake

Succulents and lanterns decorate a covered deck


A covered deck

A nicely decorated covered deck

The Grill

I am pleased as punch with how the whole look turned out! Now if we could just get the weather to warm up we could start up the new Nexgrill gas grill, and I’d invite ya’ll over.

A Nexgrill two-burner gas grill

What should I cook first? I know you all want details on how to build the sweet succulent globe planter below, right? As The Home Depot says “Lets do this”…

Globe Succulent Planter

I think the sphere is used for just displaying in your garden beds, kinda like those gnomes, I found it in the gardening department, along with all the succulents. Really I just started to lay them all together so that I could mix different textures and colors till I found the group I wanted.

An artistic succulent planter

The steps to create a succulent planter

How to Build This Succulent Planter

  • Fill your pot about ¾ full of potting soil. I like Miracle Grow Potting Soil.
  • Top the pot off with the globe. Soil should be touching it.
  • Start arranging the plants as you would like inside the globe.
  • Fill the remainder of the space with soil by hand so you can work it into all the empty spots. Be sure to get them all, roots need dirt to grow.
  • I used a little Gorilla Glue to seal the edges of the metal globe to the planter just in case a kid bumped it…or a rambunctious puppy

And that’s it! So much fun, now I need to relax and start enjoying my new space.Thanks so much for taking the time to enjoy mine, I hope this helps get you in the mood to style your own. Happy BBQ-ing.

Amanda Hill lives in Southern Utah with her husband Mike and three amazing kids Haislee 12, Greyson 10 and Ledger 5. When she’s not working (ha! she’s always working) you can find her traveling and sourcing new items for her store. Mixing time-honored pieces with modern lines is her jam. You can find her most often on her Instagram account @Recycleddesign sharing anything from fashion to decor, but she always makes time to pop in to the boutique to meet her clients and fans.

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