Coral Paint Creates a Vibrant Home Office

Eileen Beaver

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of A Creative Day

Eileen of A Creative Day blog transformed her desk with coral paint

In our Style Challenge series, we ask some of our favorite bloggers from around the web to surprise us with their ideas for creating a stylish and functional space using Home Depot products as a starting point.

Here, interior designer Eileen Beaver shows us how some coral paint and track lighting turned her new studio into a vibrant space for creative work. She also lets us in on a couple of her clever painting tricks for easy clean-up and crisp lines.

I’ve spent the last couple of years blogging, crafting and DIYing from our dining room table. Forget eating, it was always covered with fabric, paint and my computer. Well we bought a new house earlier this year and have a studio space where I can actually have a desk: what?!

Coral paint brightens up DIY desk in the home office of Eileen of A Creative Day blog

My corner of the studio.

Home office supplies on a DIY desk

I spent months looking for the desk I really wanted and could never find it. We are pretty crafty around these parts, and my husband suggested we design and build our own. It is amazing to have something in your head and be able to make it appear.

Below is the initial sketch and finished product. I wanted simple and tall (32” height) because I like standing up and working. Chalk it up to architecture studio days in college. We used a simple 48” x 48” plywood top and 2” x 2”s for the legs.

DIY desk from Eileen of A Creative Day blog

I wanted to do something really fun with the paint treatment and decided on a white top and coral legs. Behr had the perfect happy coral (Japanese Kimono PPUI-5) in semi-gloss oil-based paint. I believe that furniture should always and ever be only painted with oil-based paint. The finish is unparalleled, and it holds up so much better to the nicks of everyday life.

There is even a way to make cleanup a breeze, so keep reading.

Coral paint brightens up a desk from Eileen of A Creative Day blog

The tabletop is painted in Rust-Oleum White Gloss Enamel. To get a really clean line between the white and the coral, I used a favorite trick. After the white has dried, tape off the top corners with painter’s tape, and then take a foam brush and brush a little bit of the WHITE paint to seal the edges. Wait until dry and then paint the coral. This way the coral will not bleed under the tape because the white paint has sealed the tape and if the white bleeds, it’s the same color as the top. Works like magic.

Painter's tape lines the top of a DIY desk about to be painted

Painting a DIY desk

Removing painter's tape after painting the top of a DIY desk

You can’t beat the finish of oil based paints; so don’t try. It’s the best way to get a professional finish on DIY painting.

A lot of people hate the clean-up, but I have a system that makes it so easy: Use foam rollers for all painting with oil. (The smooth to semi-smooth ones are great; always use the ones for cabinets on furniture.) Not only does this leave no brush strokes and give you a streak-free finish, you can throw away the foam roller after each coat. To get in the corners, use disposable foam brushes and then throw them away. No clean-up.

Painting a DIY desk with coral paint

The coral color is so happy and makes the architecture of the desk the focal point, and leaving the top white gives a clean work surface. The ceiling is low in this room, so I got a great-looking track light at (where else?) The Home Depot! It bounces light all around the room without taking up valuable head space.

Track lights above a coral DIY desk painted by Eileen of A Creative Day blog

I love being in this room. It’s so great to have a separate space to do crafting and blogging.

Side note: the desk stayed this clean for about five minutes.

Coral DIY desk painted by Eileen of A Creative Day blog

Eileen is an architecture grad-turned interior designer who is always looking for the next thing she can paint. Her blog, a creative day, is about design and all things DIY.

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