How to Make a Copper Pipe Jewelry Display

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DIY Copper Pipe Jewelry Display

Jewelry designer Moorea Seal also knows how to display jewelry– in her store in Seattle or at home. Here, she shares her tutorial for a copper pipe jewelry display. “The copper looks gorgeous against the contrast of mixed metal necklaces and bracelets. And the industrial but refined look of the pipes keeps the overall vibe of the jewelry display really chic and a touch rustic,” she says.

And she’s absolutely right. This copper pipe jewelry display is a stylish and practical way to hold your bracelets, necklaces and watches on your dressing table.  

Materials Needed for This DIY Jewelry Display

Materials Needed for a DIY Copper Pipe Jewelry Display

Make sure everything you buy is a ½ inch in size.

Using a pipe cutter in a DIY copper pipe jewelry display project

Step One:

Choose the height that you want your jewelry stand to be at and how long you want the arms to be. I chose 6 inches high and 6 inches for each arm for the shorter display, to hold bracelets, and 18 inches high and 6 inches for each arm for the tall display, for necklaces.

Cut the copper pipe to your desired length using the pipe cutter. How it works is that it slowly creates a little groove in the pipe the more and more you tighten the orange twister.

1. Fit the pipe into the pipe cutter and tighten the adjustable width piece until it is as tight as it will go, clamping the pipe into the pipe cutter.

2. Twist/roll the copper pipe around a few times.

3. Tighten the orange twister about a half turn.

4. Twist the copper around a few times again.

5. Continue this repetition of twisting the pipe a few times and tightening the orange twister a few times until the copper pipe is cut through.

How to assemble this DIY copper pipe jewelry display project

Step 2:

Assemble your jewelry display to see if it’s the height you want. Simply push the copper pipe into the copper tee, then place the ends caps on the two arms and push the main pipe into the pressure/male adapter. Then twist the adapter into the floor flange.

Once you have decided that it looks good, take everything apart.

From here you can either super glue things into place, solder them, or if they all stick is place pretty well, you don’t have to attach the parts at all.

I decided not to attach any of the parts of mine so that I can change them out as I like.

But to glue them all in place, just place a little super glue inside the edge of the copper tee and push the pipes into it and leave it to seal. You can do the same with the adapter and the end caps, squeezing a little bit of super glue into the inside of them and then pushing the pipe in to attach them together.

DIY Copper Pipe Jewelry Display

I hope you enjoyed this easy DIY to spruce up your jewelry display. I mean, what jewelry doesn’t feel a little more beautiful when draped on a shiny copper jewelry display? The answer is: All jewelry looks more gorgeous on these jewelry displays!

Now that you’ve made this copper pipe jewelry display, take a look at Moorea’s tutorial for the macrame room divider she has hanging in her jewelry store.

Moorea Seal is a former graphic designer and illustrator who now devotes her time to making jewelry and running her online store and a storefront in Seattle. She writes about design, cool products and living a good life on her blog

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