4 Smart DIYs Make This Colorful Patio Makeover Unique

Michelle Hinckley

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Colorful Patio Makeover

Michelle Hinckley never met a room she couldn’t DIY into something special. That’s why DIY ideas take center stage in her bright and colorful patio makeover.

We’ve been fans of her DIY blog 4 Men 1 Lady for some time now, so we were excited when she agreed to take part in our Patio Style Challenge. We sent her a patio set from The Home Depot and let her creativity run free.

As you’ll see, her new, improved patio is full of bright colors and bold patterns. Plus, she shares her clever DIY touches that make her patio one-of-a-kind.

4 Smart DIYs Make This Colorful Patio Makeover Unique

We are so lucky to have a really spacious outdoor patio right off our great room. But during the winter it becomes a huge, ugly eye sore where miscellaneous stuff gets thrown and stored. It feels like more of a junk yard then a beautiful outdoor oasis I’d rather it be.

Colorful Patio Makeover: The Patio Before Its Makeover

When The Home Depot asked if I’d like to participate in their Patio Style Challenge, not only did I want to join in… our patio was screaming for a makeover!

You can see we had our work cut out for us to transform this space. I envisioned lots of color and pop to wake this patio up.

We were sent the Brown Jordan Greystone Dining Bar set as the jumping off point for our makeover.

Once we cleared the patio and set up beautiful table and chairs I knew I wanted to make the space feel cozy and private. The best way to do that was with the addition of some outdoor curtains. I found some generic white ones at a big box store, but unfortunately they were too short. So I enlisted my talented mom to help lengthen them with some left over fabric scraps I had.

Curtains made. Now how to hang them?

I’m no stranger to plumbing pipe projects (table, bookshelfbunk bed ladder), so I decided to test my DIY skills to see how it could make them work as curtain rods.

DIY Pipe Curtain Rods

 Colorful Patio Makeover: DIY Pipe Curtain Rods

It really was a simple project. The Home Depot sells various sizes, lengths and parts, plus they will cut and thread the pipe for you at no charge.

For this project I just put curtains up in the corners of my space to give the illusion of privacy and coziness.

All you need for one rod return are:

  • 2 flanges
  • 2 closure nipples,
  • 2 90-degree elbows
  • 1 length of straight pipe

Now that I had the rods and curtains hung it was time to bring the indoors out by introducing something that you might normally use indoors only.

Mirrors have long been used in decorating because they make a space look bigger plus they bounce light around a space. I decided to bring one of my mirrors outside and give it a little makeover.

DIY Rope Mirror Hanger

Colorful Patio Makeover: DIY Rope Mirror Hanger

I bought the hemp rope (sold by the foot) at The Home Depot.

The first thing was to attach the mirror to the wall.

1. Find the half-way point of your rope, and hang it from a hook centered above the mirror.

2. Next, use a bead of hot glue to attach one of the ends to the bottom of the frame of the mirror.

3. Do the same process for the other loose end so that both ends of the rope butt up to one another, giving the illusion that the rope is one long piece with no breaks.

The result is a custom DIY piece.

I like this rope hanging mirror technique because it is much more secure when the wind blows, plus, if you decide you don’t want the rope around the mirror in the future you can just remove the hot glue with a knife or razor blade.

Spray Painted Serving Cart

Next up, I needed a place to set food and drinks for entertaining.

A few months ago I picked up this old school cart at a school auction for around $5. It was dirty and rusted, but still functional. I could see that it had the potential for something really chic with a little TLC.

Colorful Patio Makeover: Upcycled Serving Cart

Just took a little elbow grease to clean it up, a coat of spray primer and Poppy Red spray paint from the Rust-Oleum line, and now I have a chic bar cart perfect for drinks or hors d’oeuvres.

More Spray Paint!

After seeing how bright and bold my new bar cart turned out I went a little wild with more spray paint…

Colorful Patio Makeover: Spray Painted Plant Stands and Bar Cart

It’s amazing how a little paint can completely transform a project.

DIY Tomato Cage Plant Stand

One last DIY project makes our backyard patio complete. You might be very surprised what we made them from.

While at The Home Depot I spotted these very colorful tomato cages, and knew I had to figure out a way to utilize them in our makeover.

Colorful Patio Makeover: DIY Tomato Cage Plant Stand

The Mister cut the three top wire pieces off which allowed for a terra cotta pot to fit perfectly to create a colorful and unique pot holder. It creates instant height and levels for visual interest.

The trick is going to be keeping the plants alive. I swear you can hear plants scream when I’m in their presence.

The Patio Made Over

Now that we’ve got all the DIY projects out of the way let’s see how the space came together…

Colorful Patio Makeover

We were able to fit a dining area with our lovely new Brown Jordan bar height dining table and a lounging area.

The table and chairs really are luxurious!

To break up the large brick wall I found some fun fabric and just stapled it to the wood trim above and allowed it to drape down.

Colorful Patio Makeover

Colorful Patio Makeover

Colorful Patio Makeover

Colorful Patio Makeover

Upcycled Bar Cart

Colorful Patio Makeover

I made the cement planter you see above. Check out my cement planter tutorial on Remodelaholic.


Colorful Patio Makeover: Before and After

The patio is bland no more.

Bright color and texture bring the patio alive and usher in spring!


Michelle Hinckley writes about bringing beauty to a house full of boys — her husband and three boys — in the blog 4 Men 1 Lady. Take a look at her blog and you’ll see her passion about decor and DIY.

Michelle chose the Brown Jordan Greystone Patio Dining Bar Table and the Greystone Patio High Dining Chairs for her small patio makeover. 

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Style Challenge is a series of articles from guest contributors who aim to bring you fresh inspiration and ideas for your home and garden using a single Home Depot product as a starting point. Michelle received the patio set from The Home Depot and a gift card. The opinions and ideas Michelle expressed are her own.