Color Schemes: A Yellow-Teal Inspired Palette

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Color Schemes: A Yellow-Teal Inspired Palette - The Home Depot

Yellow is a color of many meanings, and with a lot of variation comes a lot of different choices, and it’s prominent in many lovely color schemes. If you’re not sure how to select a yellow that’s right for you, find an object in the room that you love. It can a beloved accent pillow, your favorite piece of artwork or even some fresh flowers. Use this object as a reference point to help you figure out where to begin decorating the space. Yellow is a versatile color, but only if it compliments your room in the right shade.

If your home features warm tones in wood floors or furniture, look for a tint with a bit of blue-green in it. Glidden’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a great example of a bold, distinctive yellow that has just a hint of green. Softer yellows, such as Behr’s Honey Locustwork well as dominant colors against dark wood finishes, too.We went with a triadic color scheme to compliment these warm yellows. A triadic color palette incorporates other hues that are evenly spaced on the color wheel, such as blue-green or red-violet. We love how Behr’s Aquatic Green and Realm create a retro vibe when put next to yellow.

For this palette’s final color, we mixed our dominant yellow with its complimentary color purple to get brown. Specifically, we have the deliciously named Sassafras Tea by Home Decorator’s Collection.

Color Schemes: A Yellow-Teal Inspired Palette

If you plan on incorporating this triadic harmony into your space, it’s important to carefully balance each color. Choose one dominant color to paint your walls, then decorate with accent pieces like this teal Marrakesh inspired lamp or Baroque decorative pillow.

Or if you can’t commit to painting your walls just yet, you can always jump on the yellow bandwagon with this yellow pattern rug.

Another great way to incorporate vibrant triadic schemes is by painting a piece of furniture into a bright accent color while keeping the space neutral with browns and soft blues or greens. The possibilities are endless; just use this perfect palette for a coordinated look.

Color Schemes is a series that shows you how to incorporate trending colors into your home. For more painting ideas, follow our All About Paint board on Pinterest or browse our Paint selection online.