Closet Organization For a Child’s Room

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Closet Organization For a Child's Room

Closet organization is important in any room. But when it comes to setting up the closet in a child’s room, you need versatility and efficient use of space. That’s exactly what DIY blogger Adrianne Lentine accomplished with her closet organization project for her little boy’s room.

Closet Organization Project

Recently, my hubby and I finally tackled what was known as the disaster of our little baby boy’s closet. He turns one in just two weeks, so we figured it was finally time to get our butts in gear and finish his room once and for all!

Until we started this closet organization project, we literally used his closet as a tool closet. We kept our most frequently used tools in there, and some tools that I honestly think we were just too lazy to walk to the shed to put away. It quickly had become a disaster. And a dangerous disaster at that. We didn’t have to worry about our little guy getting in there for a long time, but now that he is becoming more and more mobile- we knew it needed to change! I was also sick of keeping all of this clothes in his brother’s closet, so this was exciting!

The Closet Before Getting Organized

Here is what we were starting with:

Closet Organization For a Little Boy's Room

We knew we wanted to replace the organizing system in the closet, since this one not only didn’t have a lot of the features we wanted, but the shelves on the sides were almost all broken in one way or another. We looked around, and we went with the amazing Martha Stewart Closet Organizer Kit. This kit was awesome because it was your typical closet organizer, but looked a lot more built-in than the others out there.

Closet Before the Organization Project

The Closet Transformation

We wanted to make it even more custom, so we added a few fun touches. First we decided to take off the mirrored doors. While I did love having those for taking selfies {kidding, kinda!} they were stuck in a time era not ours! We built farmhouse doors that fit in with the room perfectly.

Farmhouse doors on a closet

Then came time to change up the inside of the closet. Instead of patching up the holes and painting the inside, we decided to take it up a notch and added beadboard to all the walls, along with a tall baseboard that matches the rest of the room.

Installing beadboard

Measuring for Closet Organizer

Installing the closet system was super easy! We taped off exactly where we wanted it to be. We always tape it off and then mark, so that you don’t end up with pen all over your surface. We even had a certain little boy who wanted to help, but we corralled him in his crib to keep him safe!

A baby in his crib while his parents give his closet a makeover

Closet Organization For a Child's Room

Once we marked it off, we installed the track, and then started adding the pieces.

Closet Organization For a Child's Room

It took no time at all to get it all hung on the track. We changed up what the organizing system displayed as the normal way. Instead of adding the shelf to the very top to make it seem more ‘finished’ we added it right above the second hanging rack. This allowed us to have even more storage surface to lay out pants, backpacks, etc.

Rust-Oleum Metallic Dark Copper pain

The knobs that came with the kit were silver, so to match the handles we made, we spray painted them with Rust-Oleum Metallic Dark Copper paint. Isn’t it amazing what a few minutes can do to change the look!

Ready to see it in action?

Closet Organization For a Child's Room

This system is incredible! We went from having one long bar across the top and breaking shelves on the sides…to this!

Four different bars, that are totally customizable on height. Two long shelves, and three center ones. Four drawers that hold a huge amount, and keep it all hidden away. And the best part, the fact that it was a kit that was not only easy to install, but looks custom!

Closet Organization For a Child's Room

Closet Organization For a Child's Room

If you have been putting off tackling that mess of a closet, don’t wait any longer! It is amazing how much better I feel when I walk in to his nursery. Everything is so organized, bright, and airy! Thanks Home Depot for making this project so user-friendly.

Adrianne Lentine authors the DIY and decor blog Dream Book Design.

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