3 Easy Ways to Give Your Closet a Makeover

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Closet Makeover 3 Ways

Transform your closet from an unnoticed place to stash your things into a treasured wardrobe of blissful organization. Here are three ways to beautifully revamp your closet. We’ll paint the closet, add decorative hooks and then attach colorful over-sized decals to the closet walls. No more drab closets!

Here are the steps to your closet makeover.

Closet Makeover

Behr Closet 1

Painting Materials


Behr Closet 26

Step 1

Clear your closet of items.

Behr Closet 10

Step 2

Tape off the trim and shelving with painter’s tape.

Behr Closet 12

Step 3

Load your paint brush with paint and cut in along the trim, shelves and corners of the closet.

Behr Closet 15

Step 4

With a paint-loaded roller, fill in the closet walls.

Step 5

Repeat Steps 3 and 4.

Allow the paint to dry, and remove the painter’s tape.

Behr Closet 22

Add Decorative Hooks

For bit more dazzle (and organization) in your closet makeover, add some decorative hooks.

Behr Closet 16

Step 6

Remove the closet rod and hardware from the closet walls.

Behr Closet 17

Step 7

Measure across the closet’s back wall.

Determine how many hooks you’d like to have across the wall.

Divide this number by the length of the wall and make a mark where the hook should be centered.

Behr Closet 20

Step 8

Using a power drill, screw the hooks to the wall.

Behr Closet 30

Add Wall Decals

For a closet makeover that will be the envy of all who see it, read on!

Behr Closet 2

Step 9

Measure length and width of the wall beneath your hooks.

Behr Closet 5

Step 10

Divide the area of the closet wall beneath the hooks evenly and mark your divisions.

Behr Closet 6

Step 11

Peel the decal backing off slightly, and position it on the wall over your mark.

Peel the remainder of backing off, and smooth it over the wall.

Behr Closet 7

Step 12

Repeat Step 11 for the remainder of your vinyl decals.

Behr Closet 28

And that’s your 3-step closet makeover.

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