Classic Christmas Tree Decorations and Two Holiday DIYs

Jenn Menteer

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Classic Christmas Tree Decorations and 2 Holiday DIYs

You can tell this Christmas tree was decorated by someone who just loves the holiday. It has a timeless, easy look that captures the holiday spirit perfectly.

Our Christmas fanatic is Jenn Menteer, who writes the blog My Fabuless Life. She styled the Christmas tree for our Holiday Style Challenge. We sent her some classic Christmas tree decorations and a new tree and let her do the rest.

Jenn has a couple of easy DIYs to create this classic look using a canvas drop cloth and some spray paint. Note, too, how she makes full use of a fancy tree topper, but not on the tree!

Classic Christmas Tree Decorations

The holiday season seems to go by so fast, so I like to get the decorations up early and really savor the season. So when The Home Depot asked me if I wanted to participate in this year’s Holiday Style Challenge, it was an OBVIOUS yes. I was over the moon when they told me that my challenge was to decorate a Christmas Tree—my favorite part of Christmas.

A couple of days before Halloween, I got a happy delivery of Home Depot Christmas decorations on my porch. It included a beautiful Martha Stewart Living Christmas tree, lots of shiny, sparkly ornaments, a couple of garlands, and a tree topper (my seven year old daughter’s favorite part—you’ll see why in a minute).

A Christmas Tree With a Secret

Please give me a little moment to just gush about this tree. I love that the branches look so realistic, and that it’s so full.

But can I tell you my favorite part?!!

Like literally, I had to call my sister to tell her this when I opened the tree (she shares in my Christmas crazy): there are no cords to mess with!

When you connect the poles into each other, they have connectors inside the pole that connect the lights to each other! Snap them together, and the tree is ready to go. I have a flair for the dramatic, but this was like a Christmas game-changer for me!

Classic Christmas Tree Decorations and 2 Holiday DIYs

Anyway, I’ve had a plaid throw sitting on the back of one of my living room chairs for months that I can’t get enough of, so I knew this year, I wanted to go for a sort of classic, cozy Christmas vibe, so I gravitated toward all of the pretty red ornaments. I loved that there was such a good mix in one package, it had a very “old Christmas” look to me, which I love, and I had enough to fill the tree, add some to my garlands and fill two baskets on my end and coffee tables.

DIY Canvas Garland

DIY Canvas Garland

DIY Canvas Garland

I always love adding a little bit of handmade love to my Christmas trees, so in keeping with the sort of cozy, rustic vibe, I used some canvas drop cloth to make some “ribbon” for the tree. I just bought a 15 ft. drop cloth from the paint section, made a little cut (I made mine 4-inches wide) and tore the fabric into strips, then wrapped it around the tree.

Spray Paint Frosting Effect

Spray Paint Frosting Effect

There were some gold ornaments as well, but when I put them on the tree, they just weren’t feeling quite right. So I bought some chalked spray paint and gave them a little “frosting.” I’m going to keep this trick on file for all of my future Christmas trees, because I just love how they came out with that sort of “snow-kissed” vibe.

Spray Paint Frosting Effect

Ornaments can be a little hard to paint, because it’s hard to dry them without them rolling around and smudging the paint, if you can even hold them to paint in the first place. So I rigged myself up a little ornament painting apparatus.

I drilled some holes in the bottom of a box, stuck the ornaments upside down in the holes (which also protects the hanger part from the paint—no tape needed).

Once they’re set up in the box, just lightly give them a little swipe of spray paint. I started heavier at the bottom and then less as I went up to the top.

Vintage-Look Ornaments

Christmas Tree Decorations

To add a little variety, I added some silver snowflakes and icicles, some beautiful mini, vintage-style glass ornaments, and my very favorite: these ornaments that look like vintage toys. I’m so obsessed with them.

Garland for the Windows

Christmas Garland for the Windows

I have huge windows that I love to put garlands around at Christmas time, so I doubled-up the garlands, and hung them on the windows. To dress them up a bit, I used some of the leftover ornaments, strung them together with twine to create a little ball, and tied them around the garland.

The Tree Topper That Didn’t Top a Tree

Finally, that fabulous projection tree topper.

Lighted Projection Tree Topper-Kaleidoscope Set

Christmas Tree Decorations

When I plugged it in and my daughter saw that it projects twinkling lights onto the ceiling, and those twinkling lights constantly turn (think kaleidoscope).

I decided to do something a little more creative with it and move the magic down a little lower. So I filled a basket with more of the leftover ornaments, filled a vase with some beans to hold up the star, put the star in the vase, and put it all together.

Look closely at the image above, and you can see the light it’s projecting onto the walls and ceiling.

Christmas Tree Decorations

Thank you to The Home Depot for inviting me today to share a little bit of my holiday home with you.

Here’s to a magical holiday season!

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